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American elections

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1 minute ago, Shiggy said:

I don't know if I would say "embarrassed". I would say more afraid. To be fair to the silent majority (of which I was one), the smug and sometimes even downright hostile attitude of liberals towards anyone who did not agree with them (calling anyone who disagreed with them nazis or "deplorables") along with a refusal to listen to any point of view that was not pro-Hillary made it uncomfortable if not downright dangerous to admit being anything other than pro-Hillary much less pro-Trump.

It makes me sad, but I hear what you're saying. Folks on both sides of the aisle need to start listening to one another rather than trying to out-shout the other.

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5 hours ago, Shiggy said:

I put little faith in polls. Each poll is slightly skewed.....and even if accurate in the data reported, it fails to take into account those who did not answer (silent majority) because they were afraid of backlash from their point of view. That happens this last presidential election. That is why all the major polls were wrong. 

Actually, the national polls at the Presidential election were pretty good. The issue was in the way the media presented what a small popular vote lead actually means in an election that isn't decided by popular vote.

On the subject of what we over here call the "Shy Tory Factor", it is sometimes the case that online and automated polls show a different result to in-person polls, although the size of that issue is disputed, and those types of polls are not necessarily more accurate due to other factors such as low response rate.

I'm a maths and stats guy, so I'm a bit nerdy about this sort of stuff!

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I gotta admit, I didn't expect Jones would actually pull it off. Pleasantly surprised. 


Question for you guys. Is this, coupled with previous results, a sign of things to come next year?

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