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Comparing Deportation of Illegals to Japanese-American Internment?

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Lately I have seen much ink spilled over the issues of immigration and DACA. Most of all, I have seen several newspapers, including my own hometown newspaper, making a comparison deporting illegal aliens and the illegal and unconstitutional internment of American Citizens of Japanese descent (HERE HERE  HERE and HERE To start, I will, as I have already stated above, that the internment of American Citizens simply because they are of the same heritage as the nation with which we are at war, was and still is 100% unconstitutional and illegal. 

I cannot stress the point enough that there is absolutely NO WAY in which the government can suspend the civil liberties of an American Citizen or even a non citizen living in our nation in the name of "national security. Whether it was the Alien And Sedition Act during the first world war, or the internment of American citizens of Japanese Heritage during the second world war, or the suspension of the bill of rights (especially the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th amendments) in the Patriot Act after 9-11, ALL of those attempts to use "national security" as an excuse to suspend civil liberties is unconstitutional and wrong. And might I add that  Korematsu v. United States was wrong in allowing the constitution to be suspended even during war and those justices were an affront to the oath that they took to uphold the constitution. 
Now then.........When taking the issue of internment and comparing it to the deportation of peoples who have illegally entered the United States, the argument based on this outrageous comparison runs into several flaws:

First of all, the comparison is outright false on its face because the illegals who are being deported are legally arrested with warrants and given due process in court to prove that they are in the United States legally. The Americans of Japanese Heritage were not given any due process and all of their civil rights were suspended at the whim of the government.........a democrat named Franklin D Roosevelt. 
I would agree if Ice were imply rounding up people and kidnapping them....but that is not at all what happens. So therefore to make such a  comparison is quite purposefully dishonest bearing on fraudulent. 
Secondly, the comparison is ridiculously over dramatic in seeking to find the worst atrocity  with which to compare to the thing that you dislike.........much akin to calling any policy, thought or opinion that you do not like as "literally Hitler", even though you know that making such a comparison is frivolously dishonest and false. 
Thirdly, Every nation has immigration laws......YES....EVEN MEXICO. GO ahead and look it up for yourself. You will be surprised to find that Mexico actually is much more harsh in dealing with the constant stream of illegal immigrants from the lower part of Central America and South America...........Yet Nancy Pelosi would have you believe that simply deporting illegals back to their country of origin was the biggest atrocity since concentration camps.
Also, I would point out that Barack Obama deported over 2 million people and I never heard him being criticized compared to fascism much less FDR.
Lastly, in the same way that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Elizabeth (Running Squaw Who Look Like Paleface) Warren used the rhetoric of "Unless you want PEOPLE TO DIE!!!!" over the healthcare debate in order to bully everyone else into agreeing with them for fear of being labeled as the John Wayn Gacy of healthcare by a witch, a gargoyle and an indian (all they are missing is the black guy in the Castro fatigues and the biker guy and they could get the village people back together), so to do they use the rhetorical tactic of accusing those (by extension of their belief) who agrees with deporting illegals of being a racist/fascist dictator......who in this case is Franklin D Roosevelt since he was the one who interred all those Americans of Japanese heritage. 

If I could give one piece of advice to the left when talking about tough political issues (especially divisive ones).........If you have a valid argument to why you are right on an issue, then present your argument and make the case for why we should listen to you. Don't hide behind appeals to emotion and emotional blackmail in order to bully people into believe what you believe. In fact if anything, I will have a HARDER time listening to what you believe if all you do is paint people who do not think the same way as being the devil, or Hitler, or racists or fascists. That is how you will get nobody to listen to you in your pompous and self-righteous ivory tower.
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