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Within this forum I will ask a variety of questions and debate topics for the members to express their opinions. In many ways, this is a mix of mock trial / debate club wherein your objective is to convince me of your opinion by providing logical arguments and unbiased evidence. Professional decorum will be enforced at all times.

Debates in this main forum are a little less structured than tournaments, but debate should still be directed to me. There are no "winners" outside of tournament debates.


Are you the best debater? Prove it!

All members are invited to sign up for each tournament, but a necessarily limited number of participants will be selected based on their forum reputation. During each round a match-up of 2 participants will be asked a question (often termed "statement") and each randomly assigned a position they are required to take. The winner will be the person who best proves their argument regardless of their own personal opinions. 

Here is a short run-down of how a tournament match-up would go:

  1. Statement presented by admin
  2. Member A gives opening statement in support of statement
  3. Member B gives opening statement opposing the statement
  4. Member A gives argument
  5. Rebuttal to previous argument by Member B (and back and forth as long as is productive or I permit)
  6. Member B gives argument
  7. Rebuttal to previous argument by Member A (and back and forth as long as is productive or I permit)
  8. Member A gives closing statement
  9. Member B gives closing statement


  1. Respect of all members will be enforced at all times. We can disagree about important issues without impugning the motives of the other person.
  2. Plagiarism is not tolerated. If you wish to use another source (which you should), you should cite and link them.
  3. During tournaments, participants must advocate fully for the position they've been assigned but can "fill in the details" of the argument.
  4. Don't make an assertion without backing it up with enough evidence and logic. You can use anything available to you to prove your assertion including visual materials, audio clips, etc so long as they may be publicly shared here. 
  5. The admin judging the debate is the final arbiter. Arguing with the judge's ruling is not permissible.

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