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Your Cabinet?

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If you had to put together a cabinet, who would you pick?

This is who I would have picked if I had to pick the whole cabinet. Some of them I don't really know or care so I just put down Trump's nominees.

Chief of Staff - John Kelly
State - Spencer Blenheim
Treasury - Peter Navarro
Defense - Shane Leverson
AG - Wyatt Pizzuto/whoever ends up replacing him
Interior - Jerry Patterson
Agriculture - Todd Staples
Commerce - Wilbur Ross
Labor - Alexander Acosta
HHS - Alex Azar
HUD - Ben Carson
Transportation - Elaine Chao
Energy - Rick Perry
Education - John Sharp
Veterans Affairs - David Shulkin
DHS - James Mattis

Edited by TexAgRepublican

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(If I were actually President I'd take much more time to do an actually good list)

Chief of Staff - James G. Stavridis
State - Jon Huntsman Jr.
Treasury - Ben Bernanke
Defense - Jim Mattis
Attorney General - Robert Mueller
Interior - Lisa Mangat
Agriculture - Brian Schweitzer
Commerce - Charlie Baker
Labor - Richard Trumka
Health and Human Services - Jerome Adams
Housing and Urban Development - Eric Garcetti
Transportation - Elon Musk
Energy - Tom Steyer
Education - Gaston Caperton
Veterans' Affairs - Tammy Duckworth
Homeland Security - John R. Allen

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Chief of Staff - Mike Kelly or James Mattis
State - Jon Huntsman Jr. or Condoleeza Rice
Treasury - Ben Bernanke or Mitt Romney
Defense - Jim Talent
Attorney General - Mike Lee
Interior - Lisa Murkowski
Agriculture - Debra Fischer
Commerce -  Jeff Bezos
Labor - Joe Manchin
Health and Human Services - Tim Pawlenty
Housing and Urban Development - Mike Duggan or Anthony Williams
Transportation - Richard Branson 
Energy - Elon Musk
Education - Michelle Rhee
Veterans' Affairs - Cindy McCain
Homeland Security - William Bratton

Edited by Will Conway

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