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Govsim Personas

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This American Dad episode where all 200 of Roger's personas got me thinking about all the characters that I have used in govsims. I thought it would be fun if everyone could list all the characters that they have used.

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I could not find all of them because some of the govsims pages have since gone down..so some of it is from memory. Also......I recycled a lot of the personas across several govsims so there was a lot of repetition.


William Rossi (AGS)

Darren Hackenberg (AGS)

Mike Litoris (AGS)

Hugh Jass (AGS)

Henry Jensen (AGS) (NGS)

Jon Kim (AGS) (NGS)

Chris Cameron (AGS) (NGS)

Guy Marsh (AGS) (NGS)

Max Cooper (media) (NGS)

Alan Palmer (NGS)

Robert King (NGS)

Admin on NGS (username Shiggy)


break from govsims for 10 years


H.E Pennypacker

Tony Rossi (recycle from AGS)

Alan Freedom (media)

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James Smith (USGS) (CT)

Richard Sato (CT)

Jaime Santiago (USGS)

David Taylor (CT) (USGS)

Ethan Miller (CH)

Joseph Allen (USGS)

Carl Lennon (CH)

Robert Miller (CH)

Louis "Louie" Hong (CH)

Edited by Jonathan

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