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In Game Events per schedule cycle

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I had an idea to create some randomness and some challenges for the next governing section.  Something like "IG event cards every season" where each season/schedule there are 1-2 cards drawn with a catastrophe or maybe even something pleasant.  Something for example:

Environmental factors: Such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, famine, in the USA and in other countries.  Just like a Hurricane Irma where the President and congress would have to act to provide relief to Florida and Puerto Rico. 

Terrorism factors: such as civil unrest, coups, attack on our embassies, attack on US soil, detaining of American citizens in other countries, attacks on an ally, assassination attempts etc...   Just like a Benghazi, riots in Palestine, or some other location, an assassination attempt on a dictator somewhere.

Global factors: Chinese/Russian aggression, science or space development, nuclear development in a 3rd world country, conflict between other nations resulting in war.  Just like the invasion of Crimea, cyber attack, space program development in India, Iran or other countries developing nuclear weapons.

Social factors: mass shootings, activists, lead poisoning in water.  The one mass shooting in Chicago was realistic and caused all of us to react in a certain way.  More of those kind of events along with Flint water crisis elsewhere, Women's Marches, Right to Life movement, etc...

Economic factors: big businesses going bankrupt (like Ford) where we have to address the potential layoffs of thousands of employees, drop in consumer spending, etc..  Just like when we bailed out the auto industry to save millions of jobs.  A tough decision that we would have to deal with.

Celebrity/historic person watch: death of presidents, first ladies, foreign leaders,.  These would be less impactful game wise; however, it is a reality in the public spotlight.  Something like The death of Barbara Bush or Fidel Castro etc...

All of these cards could be affected by legislation as to what could prevent them from statistically happening based on congress's actions.  Would also force us to make some hard decisions to solve problems like a potential war, terrorist attack, or bailing out a company.

Just a thought.  I don't know how you create the event cards for campaigning.  Whether it is in excel or some other program you are using.  I would have no problem working with a few others to create a bunch of random scenarios that can be for the benefit or cause problems for the game.

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