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Will Conway

Conway on Super Tuesday Results

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Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate Will Conway addressed supporters at an election night watch party in Orlando, Florida:

"My friends, what a Super Tuesday this has been!  While our opposition threw all of its surrogates and money against us, nonetheless we still lead in the delegate count!  Thank you so much to Alaska, Maine, Missouri and Vermont for their support of our program for renewal for this great nation!

At the same time, I congratulate my opponent, Speaker Dylan MacMillan, for his strong showing tonight.  He worked hard and prevailed in most of the state contests tonight.  I salute him and recognize that his showing tonight is the result of grit, determination, and support from many Washington insiders.  His surrogates campaigned hard and expended great resources to help Speaker MacMillan tonight, and they were effective.  That serves as a tribute to the affection and respect that the Republican establishment has for Dylan MacMillan.

But my friends, while I confess that it would be nice to have more surrogates, although we do have the best one around, Shane Benzley of Arizona, nonetheless our campaign is about ideas and it is about leadership.  You all know where I stand.  I will transform our failing welfare and entitlement state into one that empowers the people;  I will stop tinkering with our complex and inefficient tax code and introduce a flat tax that will spur growth and opportunity; I will free our great nation from the Lilliputian bonds of useless agreements like the Paris climate accords and the Iran nuclear deal; I will stand for free trade with our friends and allies; and I will support, without hesitation or apology, the right to life and the freedom of conscience for people of faith.

Dylan MacMillan is a good man and has been a very effective Speaker.  But where does he stand?  He has already waffled and given confusing signals about the freedom of conscience for people of faith, and he has offered multiple positions on American sovereignty and international agreements.  And he has shown an openness to tax increases, at least on motor vehicles.  Where does he truly stand on these issues?  Where does he stand on trade?  Where does he stand on reforming welfare and entitlements?  Where does he stand on health care?  Where does he stand on education?  I am sure he has ideas about all of these things ... but what are they?  What is his vision for America?

Everyone knows where I stand.  I do not put my finger to the wind and tailor my positions to win endorsements or votes.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say.  No one needs to guess about my vision for America.  

If you agree that the time has come for reform and renewal, if you agree that it is time to unleash the great energy of all our people ... our businesses, our faith communities, and our families ... then join our cause. We stand not for the status quo.  We stand not for tinkering along the edges.  We stand for fundamental change!  Join us, join our great crusade, to remake the Republican Party and the United States of America!

Thank you, may God bless you and our great nation!

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So, this is a speech geared towards EV and to try to undermine D-Mac's BUS and MR standing. For that, I gave him points among these groups. It's a very well thought out speech and a coherent argument. It's conciliatory but argumentative, and makes a case against him that I find compelling. It's a good Republican speech and I'm not going to veer into election handicapping as that's Richard's thing for now.  It gets points across the GOP coalition elements.

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