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Ward Announces Vice President Pick

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Calvin Ward

Calvin Ward made the following announcement at a rally in Little Rock

”Good evening everyone! It’s good to be home. I’ve been across the country, spreading our vision to move America Forward. Our message has been one of commonsense initiatives. We are laying out a platform that benefits, not just the few Americans we agree with, but all Americans. But tonight, we announce my teammate in this great race. 

He has served both in the House and Senate. He is a great proponent of progressive values. He has been a tireless advocate for workers, the LGBT, commonsense reform, and a bulldog on the campaign trail. Ladies and gentleman, I would like to present to you, the next Vice President of the United States, Mike Solin of Ohio!

Mike ran a strong campaign. He rallied the votes of millions with his platforms on business and workers rights. And together, we will unite the party and the country behind our great goal America Forward.”


It is my honor to be Calvin’s Vice President.  We both ran issue based campaigns and kept finding ways to discover solutions to the every day American’s problems.  America needs leadership that doesn’t isolate American or make America at odds with our allies.  President Fitzgerald has discredited us across the globe.  


     Speaker Macmillan blindly follows the poor leadership our country has been under for the last four years.  Even changing his views on how to approach the Afghanistan conflict.  He wanted to keep troops in Afghanistan, but as soon as President Fitzgerald pulled out our troops, all of a sudden, Speaker Macmillan supported pulling troops out of Afghanistan.  I give Speaker Macmillan credit for being willing to compromise on his pro-life stance by selecting a pro-choice Vice President, but he is nothing more than an establishment pawn.  His opponents in the primaries are right about him.  His establishment ties limit his ability to relate to most Americans and be the problem solver our country needs.  


     We need decisive leadership.  We need a leader who has a clear vision of where this country is going.  I have no doubt that Calvin Ward is that leader.  He led a great campaign.  Trust me, I know.  I look forward to working tirelessly to see Calvin take the oath of office this January.  Help us make that a reality!  We need your votes and we need your support!  Lets keep working ForWard because, as President, Ward will be working ForYou!”




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