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Ward Platform: Workers Bill of Rights

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Calvin Ward

Little Rock, AR America for Ward HQ

”We will go further than any other party and Create a Workers Bill of Rights which will guarantee the right to family leave, vacation, fixed schedules, and competitive pay. We will work to pass legislation that will increase the minimum wage gradually to $15 per hour by 2028.We believe that current employees should be considered to take on additional hours before employers hire additional employees. Such practices keep low wage earners from advancing financially. We hold fast to the belief that it is not just wrong, but immoral to force parents to work second or third jobs and never see their families in order to pay rent and out food on the table  

We will restore the Estate Tax, in order to fund our educational commitments. We will also work to keep interest rates and small business loan rates at an equitable threshold. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and they should be our primary focus. We will join new trade deals that are small business friendly and seek to encourage their place in the international markets. We reject the idea that tariffs make America stronger. We refuse to believe that we must choose between working with our allies and for American interests.

Finally, we will seek to give incentives for companies that build environmentally friendly facilities as well as homeowners who have environmentally friendly homes. We will seek to rid ourselves of foreign fossil fuels by  2055 and work with our international allies to maintain global environmental standards.  



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