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Ward Lays out Foreign Policy Platform

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Calvin Ward

America For Ward Campaign HQ

Little Rock, AR

”As the last remaining superpower, it is imperative that we take our role in the Global Community seriously. We do not believe that endless occupation of the Middle East promotes our values of goodwill and peace. We affirm the human dignity of all men, women, and children. We believe that diplomacy from a position of strength is the best starting in pace. We must never seek peace from fear, nor must we be afraid to seek peaceful resolutions to our problems. Nor must we cripple ourselves and resolve to never use our might. But we must act responsible. When we decide to strike, it will be because diplomacy is not an option. It will be with a strategic goal and exit plan. We will never send troops into harms way long term without a declaration of war from Congress.

At the same time, we pledge to maintain our place in recent global agreements. The Paris Climate Accord, Iran Nuclear Deal, and our recent actions with Cuba will be maintained. While there may not be agreement on these and their provisions, we believe that stability should be maintained even after previous administrations have left. We would never undo the friendship gained from other countries, even if we disagree with the means.”

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