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Solin on Ward's Worker's Bill of Rights

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Mike Solin

Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Solin speaks on Ward’s Worker’s Bill of Rights


     Our country was founded on fundamental principles of life, liberty, and property.  The freedom and inalienable rights of all people.  Over decades of American innovation, we have developed an awareness for the value, safety, and treatment of workers.  Calvin’s Workers Bill of Rights will establish a new era of worker’s rights that will empower millions of Americans by having better working conditions and freedoms.  Our country works best when our country lifts up the working and middle class.  I have yet to see a proposal from Speaker Macmillan that will create better conditions for workers and employees in our country.  Instead, he will likely help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Just remember when you are in the voting booth, that progressing ForWard will result in Calvin working ForYou! 


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