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Late Night with Lani Lovetts

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Welcome to the show!!! *Applause*  We have a wonderful night for you.  Later tonight, I will be joined by newly elected representative, Calvin Ward!  And later, Tom Hanks!  *Applause*

What an exciting time!  We now have an app on your phone that gives you dog ears and noses!  It is truly magnificent isn’t it.  As if I wasn’t already a stone cold b****.  Now I’ve got this dog app to prove it!


In other news, the Democrats have started the new year strong.  Kind of odd when the election didn’t really go their way.  If I got hammered that hard, I would be in some sort of concussion protocol.  But anyways, I like the aggressiveness.  Much of the legislation was lead by new comers like Representative Calvin Ward, Representative Evelyn Vanderfleet, Representative John Alexander, and Representative Arnold Vinick.  It is nice to see some collaboration from the democrats after such poor outings.  I guess they learned how to communicate overnight or something.


We will see if any of these bills can gain traction.  Republicans obstructed 8 years of President Obama.  It won’t be hard to obstruct bills when they control all branches of the government.  **Shudders**  But just remember, this is President Macmillan’s first one hundred days.  He could get off to a great start by accomplishing something that President Obama couldn’t do…. Work successfully with the other side.


Tonight, I am joined by newly elected congressman Calvin Ward! applause Please keep the applause coming for Calvin Ward!!! @Jsawrie

Lani: Welcome to the show!

Ward: Thanks, Lani, great to be here

Lani: How does it feel to be a Democrat representing a typically conservative state?

Ward: there’s a lot of big trucks *laughs* No seriously I love my state and my district. I’ve found that what matters is that people trust you; that they feel willing to sit down and talk with you. What we found is that our message of progress for common folks resonates in the South when you meet people where they’re at. That means going to diners and factories and meeting people. So it’s enjoyable. Folks are very receptive.

Lani: We have a new president. Have you heard?

Ward: “I had. It was in all the papers I think”

Lani: Yeah, what are your thoughts on President Macmillan?

Ward: “Hopefully we see a more bipartisan Macmillan than we have in the past. I look forward to working WITH the Republicans to get things done for the common good.”

Lani: What can you tell me about the blue wave that has hit Washington? It seems that Democrats are taking the lead for once?

Ward: It’s a New Day for Dems. We decided as a Party that we can either sit and try to fight bad bills or we can push good alternatives. We choose the later of the two. I would expect more bills too. This isn’t a flash in the pan. We’re ready to lead

Lani: So how do you go about working on bipartisanship and working with Republicans when so much of the country sees the other side as polar opposites?

Ward “you find common ground. You first have to realize, the GOP that I’ve worked with aren’t bad people, we just disagree. From there it becomes a healthy debate and we work to make the process easy. You have to give, but so do both sides.”

Lani: What is one of the most important issues facing the Arkansas people?

Ward: Our education system is faltering. Our teachers are underpaid, we have schools that are hardly functional buildings. Teachers have been asking for help for sometime. My desire is to get our schools funded.

Lani: Do you think we will see something get passed soon?  (reference to education)

Ward: “As much as I hate to say it that depends on Republicans. When the GOP decides they want to take teachers and students seriously, they set the legislative agenda. I will say that I’m not ever going to vote for a bill that takes money from public schools and gives tax dollars to fund corporate education; and I’m going to be pressing this issue left and right”

Lani: Any parting words you would like to share with us today?

Ward: “Woo Pig Sooie”

Lani: HAHA!  As southern as it gets.  Thank you for coming out tonight! *crowd applauds* We have more coming up with our next guest Tom Hanks! We’ll be right back!!



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Calvin Ward Momentum: 4

The pig sooie thing quickly becomes a meme. Could become a "Howard Dean moment" later, but for now it's at least getting Ward some attention.

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Republicans Democrats
Change 0 -1 -1 2 2 1 1 0

Moderates love Ward's folksy southern demeanor, but as Bruce said, political opponents could quickly turn this into mockery.

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2 hours ago, Bruce said:

Calvin Ward Momentum: 4

The pig sooie thing quickly becomes a meme. Could become a "Howard Dean moment" later, but for now it's at least getting Ward some attention.

So does it help that it’s just a “college football” thing?

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5 minutes ago, Jsawrie said:

So does it help that it’s just a “college football” thing?

*shrug* It's all about the spin.

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     Welcome to the show!!! *Applause*  We have a wonderful night for you.  Later tonight, I will be joined by newly elected representative, Arnold Vinick!  And later, Katy Perry will be performing!  *Applause*



We have a great show for you tonight.  Do you know what happens when ignorance and the dark lord cthulhu have a baby?  You get Breitbart News. Brandon Cooper of Breitbart recently published an article about what he called “Breitbart's Top Five Dumb Democrat Bills of the Week Awards.”  So, let’s break them down.1035493146_2Ep1.thumb.jpg.0ca0760f49ccd8676807d4da7e16d170.jpg


The fifth place was given to The Coins Act sponsored by Colorado Representative and Democratic Whip John Alexander.  Cooper claimed, “Not only does Alexander seek to fight the power, he seeks to fight the pennies.”  At least Cooper isn’t fighting the pennies because I think the pennies might win...  But what who Cooper is actually making fun of are Republican Senators John McCain and Senator Mike Enzi who have supported this measure and are literally on the bill itself.  Apparently, there are a few Republicans who think this is an idea or perhaps they are just trying to ‘fight the penny’ too.  I wonder when the last time Cooper or any of you were thinking, “Man, I need some more pennies.”  If conservatives are all about trimming the deficit, doesn’t it make sense to trim as much irrelevant expenses as possible?  I guess bipartisan bills only count if Republicans sponsor them.  (OOC: see reference 1 for McCain/Enzi support)


The fourth ranking bill on Cooper’s list is the Clean Fire Act also proposed by Representative Alexander.  Now I’m from Pennsylvania and now New York, when I light a fire, it’s not actually a fire it is a candle while in the bath, but that doesn’t matter.  Although it might seem extreme, I fail to see any sort of plan from the GOP to combat pollution.  Believing that climate change is a hoax is like believing that your kid didn't eat the chocolate piece of cake even though you can see it all over his face.  It is happening.  Instead, of coming up with environmental alternatives, Cooper touts this Regulatory Relief Act which is a rule on creating more rules by cancelling other rules.  This proposal is more of a concern and a dangerous joke.  A regulation or decision should not automatically require a repeal of another. This is deceptive and is only going to lead to trouble.  I suppose they want a world where there are no regulations and businesses can pollute wherever they please.  And believe me, they will.  Enjoy sifting through chemical waste in your drinking water because we had to repeal that regulation because it was one of the two that had to go in order for us to address a new FDA regulation.  Not good guys.



The third bill is the Douglass-Puerto Rico Admissions Act proposed by Washington Representative Arhtur Callahan.  Apparently, Cooper believes that the act would be “a step towards giving Welfare Island Puerto Rico statehood.”  It isn’t surprising that Breitbart doesn’t like Puerto Rico or believe it shouldn’t be part of the union.  Of course Breitbart would rather poor minorities continue to have no voice and be stuck on some island somewhere off the mainland; however, the people of Puerto Rico are hard-working, patriots who want to have similar opportunities as other Americans.  The act is a huge step and would change things, but if giving loyal people representation and a voice in this country, then I think it is the right thing to do.


The runner up bill is the Infrastructure Expansion Act proposed by House Minority Leader Calvin Ward from Arkansas.  Not sure about you, but our roads suck here.


I don’t suppose a tax cut for the top 1% is out of the question, but God forbid we think about fixing our infrastructure.  It appears our government would rather choose to eliminate taxes and help out their big brother corporations than even consider this infrastructure bill.  Infrastructure spending creates jobs, provides safer and better channels of transportation, and literally benefits every single American.  But I suppose Cooper doesn’t use the roads and only has to get up out of his mom’s basement to post his articles never having to use the public streets.

The most ridiculous bill Cooper addressed was another bill by Representative Alexander.  The Student Sleep Act.  Now, has anybody told Alexander that sleeping during class is a skill students have learned to do?  Anyways, the bill basically attempts to combat a problem of youth not getting enough sleep.  It is difficult to get enough rest, complete school assignments, and have a life outside of school.  Perhaps there are better ways than to regulate when schools should start across the nation.  I can see how this one made the list….





Tonight, I am joined by congressman Arnold Vinick! *applause* Please keep the applause coming for Arnold Vinick!!


Lani: Welcome to the show!

Vinick: Thank you for having me.

Lani: How is Wisconsin? I hear the cheese is great!

Vinick: I can tell you that the cheese is cheesy. Wisconsin is home and I had the great honor of serving my home as Governor.

Lani: You know, the only way I like my cheese is if it is cheesy! Speaking of cheesy, what is your opinion of our new President?

Vinick: His first 100 days will be very telling. Actions speak louder than words and up to now it’s just been words. If he moves to the right like Congress, then it will be a rough 24 months passing his agenda until midterms when we take back Congress.

Lani: Apparently, you have been busy. You, Representative Vanderfleet, Ward, and Alexander as well as the rest of the gang. What can you tell me about this blue wave you guys are creating?

Vinick: It’s simple we are ready to lead and 2016 was a wake up call for the party. We have brand new leadership and it’s a new day for the Democratic Party and new day for Capitol Hill.

Lani: Do you feel the Republicans will be supportive of these efforts?

Vinick: I believe that we have introduced legislation the majority of Americans can get behind. Unfortunately, if the bills we’ve seen from the GOP are any indication they are solely focused on the far right so it would be doubtful they govern from the center where the majority of Americans are.

Lani: Do you expect the Republicans to continue moving further to the right? Any hope or belief that they meet somewhere in the middle>

Vinick: It is still early with the session not beginning just yet. It is the hope that we can find common ground, however based on solely the legislation coming from the majority they are headed further right.

Lani: You’ve been around for a while. Your stint as Governor was impressive. How do you feel your governing experience will help you as a representative in Washington?

Vinick: Thank you for your kind words. We accomplished during my tenure and I hope that my experience bridge building with the GOP carries over. As you know Wisconsin is a purple state we have great representatives on both sides of the aisle and I think we demonstrated that it takes both sides to effectively govern.

I do have to give credit to my upbringing for my success as well. Growing up on a dairy farm is not necessarily an easy assignment. I learned the value of hard work and dedication. I brought those principles to the Governors Mansion and I will bring them to Washington.

Lani: What would you like to see passed soon?

Vinick: I’d like to see true education reform. Based on a report that just came out from Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which ranks countries in Math, Reading, and Science the US ranks 35th in Math, 24th in Reading, and 25th in Science. To me and many of my constituents this is unacceptable. We were once a country that strived to do great things, but unfortunately we moved away from that and started settling for mediocrity. However, it is not too late to get us back on track and that starts with education. Our children are our future and if we can pass true reform that future will be bright.

Lani: Any parting words you would like to share with us today?

Vinick: I look forward to seeing all the great things we can accomplish over the next two years. We are at a pivotal point in our history and it is a true honor to help shape it. Thank you again for having me.

Lani: Well, thank you for joining me tonight! It was a pleasure having you on. Coming up next, we have a guest performance by Katy Perry!!!!!








OOC:  Reference

1.      https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/04/02/two-senators-announce-plan-to-eliminate-penny-replace-dollar-bi/22022666/

Edited by Doomhammer
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Republicans Democrats
Change 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1


Republicans Democrats
Change 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0


Republicans Democrats
Change 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0


Republicans Democrats
Change -1 -1 -1 -1 1 1 1 1



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  Welcome to the show!!! *Applause* We have a wonderful night for you.  Later tonight, I will be joined by representative, Brianna O’Dwyer!  And later, Ricky Gervais!  *Applause*


     There were two immigration bills proposed by both sides; however, I think the Democrats one might win since it includes some really fancy funding for boarders like this one!


     Other than the border typo, the Democratic bill doesn’t have all of the far right crap that is loaded into the Republican’s bill.  The Democratic bill is simpler and is supported by Senator Jeff Flakes.  This shows that at least DNC Chairwoman Evelyn Vanderfleet can work with Republicans.  The bill proposed by Democrats is tame and more of a short-term solution.  It protects DACA and provides Republicans with funding for enhanced border security. 


     Apparently, Jeff Flakes and John McCain are two members on Breitbart’s top NOT conservative list.


Cooper better watch his comments or these two might turn into THESE two!



     In other news, our Vice President, and man who looks like that asshole friend who always comments on shit he doesn't know, Fitzgerald, is on twitter again.  Wants to make our immigration system like Canada and Australia’s.  Does he realize that both of those countries have strict gun control laws and better health care too?  Because I wouldn't mind being more like Canada and Australia.  Either I get untapped amounts of Maple syrup or a kangaroo pet.  And who doesn't want that?


     Fitz also spouts that “unemployment numbers never tell full picture.  Many are underemployed or left workforce.  We need to create better jobs not just any jobs”   This from the guy who doesn’t think we should raise the minimum wage or provide better working conditions for employees.  This is the guy who wants us to shell out massive tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and Corporations who are only going to use that money to buy back more stocks and distribute dividends. 

     Also, why the hell do we care what the Vice President has to say?  Shouldn’t he be at some tape cutting ceremony? 


     Let’s here more from our President who is as quiet as a mouse in a cat house.  Is Vice President Fitzgerald the voice of this administration?  If so, brace yourselves, another Dick Cheney coming our way.  And the last thing we need is another Dick calling the shots…

Click to choose fil     Tonight, I am joined by congresswoman Brianna O’Dwyer! *applause*


Lani: Welcome to the show!  Here, we're gonna have some girl talk.  (hands Brianna a mimosa)

Brianna: Thanks for having me on. oh my last time someone said let's have some girl talk we were left with no ice cream or wine in the house. I hope you're not short on either now. * gives a big smile*

Lani: Normally, we don’t hear Conservative and Rhode Island together that often.  How did you appeal to a voter base that is typically more liberal?

Brianna: I am a former social worker
that recognizes that a path forward for our nation is a delicate balance of both the left and the right but I don’t like labels. When I served in Rhode Island House of Representatives  I was an independent but  I turned to a third way Republican in 1997. I really don’t consider my self-anything other than a woman who brings a positive, modern, forward-looking agenda that gives people hope that we are talking to them as people. What is sad in this day in age is being a political centrist used to mean seeing both sides of an issue. Now it also means the ability to recognize actual issues.

  And being politically centrist  is to understand that everything isn’t political. We need more people that you can look at a topic rationally and without prejudice.  We are stuck with pointless nonsense posing as serious political issues: culturally insensitive Halloween costumes, the “war” on Christmas, transgendered bathrooms, defunding Planned Parenthood, building a wall around Mexico and “safe” spaces, governors halting refugees from coming into their state. These are not issues. Oh, sure, they might be important to the small number of people directly involved in the situation. But these are not issues that we as a society should be focusing our attention. Sometimes, a passionate person needs to be told, Don’t be passionate about this. It’s stupid. So that how I approached the People of Rhode Island I treated them as smart humans tired of the bull crap from all parties and didn’t put labels on them other than that wanted something fresh and would lead to a better country and world.

Lani: Prior to becoming a representative, you worked with mental health and community services, right?  What finally made you decide enough was enough and jump into politics yourself?  

Brianna: Yes but I start out as a child advocate as a social worker then moved onto Mental Health and Community Services. Then domestic violence programs and then spent some time in Tanzania, helping improve the health and well-being of women and children through  UN program support.  Well, social work is a field that is dedicated to the advancement of humanity. One of the things that attract me to social work was the desire to uplift people, to improve the quality of their lives. That has not changed. What I was seeing around the world was politicians out of touch with the issues of support for housing, healthcare, childcare, education and other valuable social welfare services are all made by politicians and government officials that were not getting any better year after year. So I was talking to my grandmother Baby Ruth about the problems one day and she said in her old blunt way say if you don’t like it go fix it and fight like hell till you do. So that was when I knew the time to do something was now.

Lani: You have been busy in your first couple of weeks here.  Tell us about some of your agenda and legislation you are supporting.

Brianna: One of the biggest items on my agenda right now is doing multi legislation on the Opioid crisis. We are never going to get our arms around this problem unless we prevent entry into the addiction pipeline. The "addiction pipeline" can have multiple entry points, including over-prescription, stress reduction, and depression treatment. 90 percent of addicts begin abusing substances before the age of 18. This is not a political issue, this is a human issue. So, working with members from both parties and different political backgrounds I have introduced the Student
 Athlete Opioid Misuse Prevention Act, Veteran Overmedication Prevention Act.

Some other areas of major concern to me is how we support our teacher and working with small government conservatives, moderates, and liberals I introduced the Improved Teacher Assistance Act that will increase the current deduction available to educators from a $250 annual credit to 100 percent of the first $2,000 of qualified education expenses. Dedicated teachers take on the daily challenge of educating our young people and pushing them to realize their full potential. They do this will tight classroom budgets, limited education resources, and low pay, educators take hundreds of dollars out of their pockets to purchase supplies for their students to ensure every child has the resources they need to learn and succeed. It over due for Washington to have their backs.

  We also  have a national emergency that needs to be fixed now not years from now with infrastructure that I am going to working with anyone who is willing to in an aggressive way this term. I have already introduced the Securing Required Funding for Water Infrastructure Now. Basically, this rejects the fix-as-fail approach currently used to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure and instead empowers states to invest in multiple water infrastructure projects. The bill combines the best aspects of state revolving funds with the power of the Water Infrastructure and Innovation Act to make the process easier and more affordable for states to meet their underserved or unmet water infrastructure needs. We have a more than $500 billion shortfall for water infrastructure funding in this country this is problem for now not years from now.

Lani: Do you feel the Democrats have been supportive of your agenda?

Brianna: I think if you can just have a conversation, a lot of times you’ll find you agree with someone more than you thought you did. I think most people are not as polarized. There are a lot of issues where there is common ground  a shared value. A lot of folks on the fringe elements on either side are trying to buy into this idea that there are divisions and evil motivations. I think that you can be pro-teacher and also be pro-education reform and you can be pro-coal, but also be pro-environment. I think that you can be pro-LGBT, but also pro-religious freedom. I don’t think that we have to fall into these political traps. I believe there are democrats that are trying to find solutions this terms as there are republicans. I have had some really good coffee talks with people on both sides and pray that party politics won’t get in the way of the agenda for the people. So many people think you have to choose one or the other and I think it’s so important to be able to just have a conversation. More often than not you’re going to find similarities.

Lani: Do you expect the Republicans to continue moving further to the right?  Cooper from Breitbart News recently claimed that Senator John McCain isn’t really a Republican.  Do you agree that Republicans who do not take extreme far-right stances aren’t truly Republican?


Brianna: I am not a believer in party above people and really never buy into taking my agenda from talking heads on cable news or other political talk shows. We need to listen and do what’s right for all people. John McCain is a good man and republican that will fight for issues. Yes, he pisses people off but as my mom says if there are people pissed at you that when you know you’re making a difference.

 Lani: What are your thoughts on the Democrats 100-day alternative plan?

Brianna: It has some promise if it does NOT get tied down into my way or the highway kind of thing. I support some of their issues with it it but hope it can  beopen to ideas from all political positions. I willing to work on any issue with anyone so I can say Democrats and Republicans should put me on speed dial in the days ahead.

Lani: Any parting words you would like to share with us today?

Brianna : Thanks for having me again I think that’s extremely important. For people who are able to not only reach across the aisle, but is able to build consensus with people who might philosophically disagree with them. I think that’s how you get something done in Washington. At the end of the day every single policy has a real person at the end of it. We can discuss things at a level that nobody actually lives in, but we don’t live in a vacuum. We do actually have repercussions for all of legislation. So, for me, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat. I don’t care if you are a Republican. People come first.

Lani: Thank you for your time!  Next up, we have Ricky Gervais!  Stay tune!


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Great job with these @Doomhammer

Alexander Momentum: 2

Callahan Momentum: 1

Ward Momentum: 1

Vinick Momentum: 5

Fitzgerald Momentum: 2

O'Dwyer Momentum: 5

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Welcome to the show!!!  Big news.  If you haven’t heard, WE’RE GETTING A WALL!!!


Nah, I’m just kidding.  With the amendment by Representative Alexander, a shocking upset for Speaker Faulhammer and President Macmillan realized that a wall wasn’t even popular with some members of their own party. 


Breitbart went as far as accusing Republican members as a “rebellion” which is kind of ironic because the last time a large majority opposed a rebellion, the death star blew up. 


So, I guess that makes Mac and Company the Empire.


Anyways, so instead of a wall, we have a comprehensive immigration bill that passed with unanimous support in the house.  Congratulations to House Minority Leader, Calvin Ward, DNC Chair Evelyn Vanderfleet, Representative and Minority Whip John Alexander, Representative Brianna O’Dwyer with all the other Republicans and Democrats who voted for this amendment!  Finding a way to make impactful change and avoiding clownish decisions by the Republican leadership.  It is profound that Democrats have truly found a way to not lead from behind to reference Ms. Vanderfleet.  Despite the loudmouths in the Republican party, the Democrats found a way to serve the majority of Americans who don’t really want a wall but just better immigration reform.


As for President Macmillan or Big Mac, he didn’t take the news so well.  You ever see your kid throw a tantrum?  Then your kid ends up calling and stationing the national guard to the border?  No?  Well, that is exactly what Big Mac did.  He used an executive order, which apparently a few months ago was only used by “Kings” like Obama, but whatever.  I suppose executive orders are good if you are making them, but if the Democrats have them, it is a monarchy.  I feel this order is simply a way for Big Mac to overcompensate for his fragile ego of losing his wall vote.  Every President wants to look tough so let him get his kicks in.


Tonight, I am joined by congressman Beau Thomas! *applause*


Lani: Welcome, Beau!!


Thomas: Hi Lani, Thank you for having me. 


Lani: You’re from Texas, right?  Now tell me, have you ever ridden a horse to work?


Thomas: As Paperboy from age 7. all the way up until my retirement from being Sheriff of Hidalgo County!  My wife June wouldn’t let me take one to D.C. with me, and what can I say?  She’s always right.  *chuckles*


Lani: Democrats from Texas are as rare as snowmen in Texas.  What do you feel made you a desirable option for Texas voters?


Thomas: Texas has an unbelievable populist energy within their democratic party.  All the school board members, Sheriff Deputies, city managers, they’re Democrats.  Now, us Texans are a bit different than Coastal Liberals.  What made me a desirable option is that I went to every portion of my district.  Barber shops, diners, VFWs, churches, and every bar in between.  I talked with them about their concerns.  And they know I’m an independent voice for Texans.  I like my guns, I go to church every Sunday, and I’m much more interested in helping Rural America than I am Silicon Valley. 


Lani: Do you feel that you can help bring about a more central approach to the democratic party?


Thomas: I absolutely think I can.  While region does not define your politics inherently, it certainly affects your view of the world and your values.  I’m pro Bill of Rights, I’m as concerned with the government tapping our phones as I am them taking our guns.  There is a perception that Democrats are all hippie, kale-eating protestors who want to police our language.  But in actuality, the social Democratic tradition has been well established into our politics.  We are the party of FDR, Harry Truman, Lyndon Baynes Johnson, the party of civil rights, workers’ rights, conservation of the environment, and retirement security. 


Lani: How do you combat extremist policies?


Thomas: To combat extremist policies, we must present common sense ideas that attract a good amount of independents.  The majority of Americans are not extremists.  They may vote for extremists out of desperation or because they like the passion these extremists express.  These voters feel like neither party is speaking to their concerns.  That needs to change, plain and simple.  


Lani: What is on your agenda?  What would you like to see passed soon? 


Thomas:  My agenda is getting a common sense bipartisan immigration reform bill passed.  My district in particular, a border one, wants to see this problem solved.  In addition, a passion of mine is true campaign finance reform.  The upper crust has our government strung up by puppet strings.  The revolving door between Wall Street and Capitol Hill must end. 


Lani: What are your thoughts on the current immigration debate going on right now?


Thomas: Illegal immigration is a tough issue. No one knows this more than my border district, the 23rd of Texas.  Everyone there of all ethnicities want our system fixed. 

Often times we forget that after all the shouting,fighting, and name-calling that goes on when debating this topic, everyone involved are human. And my Christian faith guides me to treat all my neighbors with respect, and that leads me to support a tough but fair immigration policy. We don't separate families, we don't deport kids, we don't keep the border open, we don't let violent criminals stay here, and are border policies are strict and to the point. 

There's far too much inflammatory language used and it's time we got to work to truly fix the problem of illegal immigration. Hope to see some Republicans get on board. We owe it to the American people to get this issue handled. 


Lani: Any parting words you would like to share with us today?



Thomas: I would like to thank you, Lani, for having me on.  I think it’s important for everyone to get involved.  Regardless of your political affiliation, we all need to get more involved.  The only way to make a difference is to take action.  Go to town halls, write your local congressperson, and vote.  Vote local, vote state, and vote federal.  You deserve to be represented fairly, honestly, and consistently.  And that’s what I’m hoping to continue to do in the House of Representatives.  This red-blooded Texan won’t go down without a fight! 



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