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Objective: Make speech on House/Senate floor

Reward: +5 Charisma


As a member of Congress, you are invited to participate to debate and vote on the bills currently being considered on the House floor.

Once you have made a post in a debate thread on the House/Senate floor, reply to this thread with a link to receive +5 Charisma.

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Just now, Doomhammer said:

     Mr. Speaker, as we begin a new term, a new era of American leadership.  I would like to remind the house, our President, and every public servant to remember their duty to every American not just the Americans who voted for us.  From gender, ethnicity, geographical location, religion, orientation, identity, and political ideology, we serve all of them.  I ask of the majority to move forward with consideration of those people who disagree ideologically with them.  To protect their freedoms, to uphold the constitution, and to respect their values and beliefs.  To lead with humility as there is strength in those who are willing to listen, refrain from petulant boasts, and understand the significance of each American.  To keep dialogue open, minds open, and most importantly, hearts open.  As what makes this country great is not the few ideas at the top, but the ideas collaborated upon between both ideologies who demonstrate a willingness to find common ground so that every American can stand tall on it.  Despite campaigning rhetoric, at the end of the day, we all play for the same team.  Do not be the leaders who cannot see a belt without hitting below it.  Instead, let’s rise above the political games and bring about the best results for all of our people.



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