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Kurt Faulhammer

Border Security and Immigration Reform Act

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Mr. Speaker, I find the partisan talk kind of absurd at this point.  Just because someone won the presidency does not automatically assume that every American who voted for him agrees with everything their candidate had to say.  This talk also implies that those who voted in the minority do not matter either.  To assume those stances would be blatant ignorance.  The wall is impractical and many people on both sides of the political spectrum believe a wall is unnecessary.  Even border security agents and Republican representatives feel it is a bad idea.  Perhaps the wall isn't as popular as one might think.  The knee jerk reaction by our president is intriguing.  The most powerful man in the world lost an amendment vote, and he immediately mobilizes troops and demands that the states comply with an executive order.  We shall see in the future if this behavior is repeated.  And for what cause. 

I think the overreaction from the "nay" voters does not serve the American people satisfactory.  I look forward to the vote on this immigration bill.

Mr. Speaker, I yield

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Mr. Speaker,

I thank this body for unanimously passing the amendment I introduced.  

I would like it to be noted that 2/3 of all illegal immigrants actually enter this country by legal means and simply overstay their visas (source).  This has been true since 2007 and continues to trend in this direction.

Therefore, the bill as amended, with more visa security and without a "wall," will do more to curb illegal immigration than the original bill would have.

To my Republican colleagues I say, "You're welcome."

I yield.

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