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Here They Go Again... Immigration

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Evelyn Vanderfleet


    Here is the situation with Immigration.  In July 2016, Bernstein Research, a firm that analyzes material costs, put the price tag at $15 billion to $25 billion, for a wall that stretches 1,000 miles and is 40 feet high, which was desired by President Macmillan supporters.  This would not include the additional costs associated with their immigration plans.  This expense is unnecessary and not going to be effective.  The Republican party leadership, who claims to be "fiscally responsible conservatives," are wanting tax payers to fund potentially a $25 billion dollar wall while cutting taxes on the wealthy.  Thus, less cash inflow and more cash outflow.  This potential damage to the deficit should be alarming to all Americans.  The mockery Republicans attempt to throw onto democrats for spending money on education and health care is hypocritical as the price for the wall does not yield the best results to address undocumented immigrants.  At least Democrat spending helps improve American lives while the Republican bill creates an obsolete form of defense.  It is primitive and a petty form of nationalism.  President Reagan, the father of conservatism, was about tearing down walls and uniting people.  Also, he had quite the empathy towards human beings.  Now the heirs to his party choose to use reckless spending in hopes to further ethnocentrism against Mexicans and Hispanics.

     Additionally, there are already barriers along the border.  * Even Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a long-time opponent of immigration reform, said in early January 2017, “We’ve already appropriated money for walls. We’ve got walls right now.”   In addition, Outgoing Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Gil Kerlikowske said, “I think that anyone who’s been familiar with the southwest border and the terrain ... kind of recognizes that building a wall along the entire southwest border is probably not going to work,” adding that he does not “think it is feasible” or the “smartest way to use taxpayer money on infrastructure.”  Who should we listen to?  Out of touch, establishment politicians like President Macmillan and Speaker Faulhammer? Or maybe the experts?  A border wall will also require the Federal government to seize private land of citizens near the border.  It would likely cost the federal government considerable amounts of money to purchase land and build in those areas.

     Instead of using classic partisan rhetoric, Representative Vinick and I attempted to discuss alternative and innovative strategies to reduce illegal immigration and not force the tax payers to pay a bill that is unnecessary.  Apparently, a minority opinion is not tolerated in a Republican majority.  Early in this term, I promised that Democrats will not lead from behind.  This is an issue we will go down fighting for!  The Democrats will stand by the taxpayer, and do the common sense thing.




*Grassley and Kerlikowske Quotes https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/cost-of-border-wall



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