Mr. Grant, for himself, introduced the following;   A BILL To increase the pay rate for members of the United States Military. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,   SECTION 1. Short Title  (a) From hereon out this bill shall be referred to as the "Military Pay Raise Act"   SECTION 2. Findings (a) From 2011-2016 pay raises for members of the military did not increase by more that 2% per year, where every year from 1962-2011 saw raises of more then 2% each year [source]. (b) Real hourly earnings were up 2.2% in2017 [source].   SECTION 3. Pay Raises (a) The basic pay shall be increased by 3% in FY 2019.   SECTION 4. Effective Date The bill shall go into effect upon its constitutional passage.