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Kurt Faulhammer

Start of Session Speeches

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Mr Speaker,

I would like to briefly speak to this Chamber today to address the various changes that have gone on in light of the 2016 General Election. Firstly Mr Speaker I would like to personally congratulate you on your election to the post, our new President held the Speakership for many years and I echo his endorsement of you. May you hold the position with grace and stand up for the power of the legislature and our freedom to debate the issues that matter.

Mr Speaker I feel it would also be prudent to congratulate the President on his stunning victory in November also. He became the first Republican to win the popular vote and the Electoral College in almost a decade and through him we now have the chance to unpick a great deal of the disastrous policies unveiled by President Obama. With President Macmillan and Speaker Faulhammer we can return this country to one that respects the Constitution and respects its citizens' self-evident rights and freedoms.

Finally Mr Speaker I would like to thank the voters of my district in Virginia. My district is the district that was, until November, the home field of our new President. It is a tremendous honour to be trusted to carry his legacy in serving my constituents in this place, putting the interests of the inhabitants of Roanoke, Virginia, and all of America firmly in my sights as we deliberate the President's agenda, an agenda that the electorate have given him a mandate to pursue.

Mr Speaker, this Congressional Session shall no doubt be fraught with difficulty and disagreement. Twice already the Democrats have tried to sabotage the President's agenda on immigration and in failing to do so have had to fall back to the idea of a barbecue in the south to try and save face. Mr Speaker I love barbecue food and I love robust debate and discussion as much as the next man but I say this to the Democratic Party, President Macmillan has a mandate from the American people expressed by a majority of the American people and a majority in the Electoral College, he has a mandate to reintroduce E-Verify and he has a mandate to build a wall across the Mexican border. The liberal left, in return for these concessions, already stand to gain new visas for agricultural workers and a permanent residency solution to the problem presented by DACA. Until recently these were two very important liberal aims which I am pleased the President has included in this bill to signal his intention to govern from the centre with issues close to both liberal and conservative hearts sharing the limelight and our legislative time. I urge the Democrats to stop playing partisan games with immigration and instead return to this place and realise that this bill is symptomatic of the President's desire to help all Americans, a symptom which we shall see replicated across his agenda.

I yield.

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Mr. Speaker, 

I have heard a lot in the past day's talk of” I won this” and “I won that”. I sure hear a lot of “I “and “me “going around Washington. I believe at the end of the day the Candidate in an election is not the factor we should be focusing on now after the election because they are not the goal at the end of the day. What it should be is the people. The time for elections are over now it’s time to govern and I can care less on what kind of mandate or platform from either party ran on or think they have. No one’s agenda gets rubber stamped here with me. It hs never worked that way here and I don’t see it happening now. We don’t have 100% of one party in congress we have a mix positions and we all have to learn how to govern from a melting pot of ideas in this chamber.

Our Constitution itself came about through a series of great compromises; it was not written by ideologues who clung to ‘their way or no.’ Compromise and negotiation the hallmarks of moderation is aimed at achieving moderate, centrist policies for our country, should not be viewed as negatives.

Mr. Speaker this is the time and age to have a serious, pragmatic and practical discussion, not a debate or negotiation but a dialogue that we can take to govern for the all people of this country, not just a personal political base. As a member of the legislative branch of government, I have many obligations. And I believe that the first obligation of government is to work for all people not just one group and that what I plan to do in this chamber. I am noones rubber stamp on issues. When I see a good idea, I will support it. If I see a bonkers idea I will fight against no matter whose idea it is. We spend unimaginable amounts of time-fighting our enemies we should be focusing on solutions and if we dont we fail our children and grandchildren every time.

There will always be forces that seek to sow division for solutions to the big problems of the day and our challenge and our mission should to prevent them from succeeding. We can seize this moment by changing the conversation and our country. Let’s start by productive dialogue in this house and work toward a comprehensive agenda of ideas that we should be able to agree on. There is already a hand full of proposals in this body from both parties that have bipartisan support. I believe we all can leave this body and our country better than we found it.

We can only do that if we rise together, to confront the unknown.


Thank you, Mr. Speaker I yield the floor.

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     Mr. Speaker, as we begin a new term, a new era of American leadership.  I would like to remind the house, our President, and every public servant to remember their duty to every American not just the Americans who voted for us.  From gender, ethnicity, geographical location, religion, orientation, identity, and political ideology, we serve all of them.  I ask of the majority to move forward with consideration of those people who disagree ideologically with them.  To protect their freedoms, to uphold the constitution, and to respect their values and beliefs.  To lead with humility as there is strength in those who are willing to listen, refrain from petulant boasts, and understand the significance of each American.  To keep dialogue open, minds open, and most importantly, hearts open.  As what makes this country great is not the few ideas at the top, but the ideas collaborated upon between both ideologies who demonstrate a willingness to find common ground so that every American can stand tall on it.  Despite campaigning rhetoric, at the end of the day, we all play for the same team.  Do not be the leaders who cannot see a belt without hitting below it.  Instead, let’s rise above the political games and bring about the best results for all of our people.

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