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President Acts on Security

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Dylan Macmillan

-From the White House-
-For Immediate Release-


As President of the United States I have a responsibility to keep Americans safe from the dangers that lurk just below our southern border. My preferred method, the wall, has been voted down by Congress and I accept that, we will resubmit the proposal at a later date because we must continue to fight for American safety. In the interim however we have a problem because the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border will only increase until we pass the full range of anti-illegal, anti-smuggler, and anti-trafficker measures I have promised to the people over the course of my election campaign. Until such time as these promises are delivered upon in full I pledge to continue to act in any way I see necessary to keep the people safe and the border secure.

That is why I am pleased to announce that in coordination with my Secretary of Defence, Richard Pace, I have issued an Executive Order to federalise three regiments of the National Guard to secure our border in counterterrorism and counterdrug efforts as well as to keep out illegal migrants. These measures have been put in place for a year and I will continue to reauthorise them until I am satisfied that the border is safe and secure.


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