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President Talks about Security in the East

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Dylan Macmillan

-From the Oval Office-
-For Immediate Release-


The President has taken note of increased North Korean nuclear testing in the seas around Japan and formally calls upon the North Korean regime to halt all further tests or face further sanctions and action from the US Government, her international allies, and the broader global community. The President would further like to affirm to the Japanese, South Korean, and more broadly the people of East Asia as a whole that the United States does not take the North Korean situation lightly and is completely committed to dealing with this rogue state and preventing it from gaining the capacity to threaten the nations surrounding it or indeed the United States itself. The President rules no option out when it comes to dealing with the rogue state North Korea and will actively be pursuing an international consensus on further sanctions and steps that can be taken to deal with the problem without resorting to more unpleasant means of securing international law and security.


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