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Miss Vikki O'Neal

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This thread should also serve as a way to contact NPCs. I won't be doing any private negotiations with anyone.


As usual, Vikki O'Neal was at her flower shop before dawn. There's so much to do when you run your own business! As she was preparing to open she heard a raucous banging at the front door. "Geez, this person really needs some flowers," she thought to herself as she went to the door and unlocked it. Her entrepreneurial spirit wouldn't allow her to miss a sale no matter how early it was. Just as she unlocked the door the person -- she only now notices that the man is bleeding from his mouth and oh God, is he missing an eye!? -- he rushes through and tries to grab her. Purely by instinct Vikki wrestles away without injury and grabs a nearby vase. One hard smash on her intruder's head drops him to the floor. For good measure she grabs a piece of the shattered vase and stabs him through the skull.

Still running on adrenaline she pushes him outside and locks the door, barricading it with anything nearby. Still holding the piece of glass she decides she needs a more durable weapon and remembers the gardening shears she keeps in the back. After finding them she takes on long reassuring sigh and whispers to herself, "Alright Vikki, let's do this."


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