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Mayor Peter Sanchez

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This thread should also serve as a way to contact NPCs. I won't be doing any private negotiations with anyone.


It was before sunrise that Mayor Peter Sanchez was grabbed out of bed by his security forces and taken to the bunker below city hall. The same bunker that his predecessor received so much criticism for having built. Of course he was the greatest critic of his predecessor. That's probably how he took her job in the last election. But of course this moment of self congratulations was overshadowed by his annoyance at being woken up from a particularly good dream. What emergency could possibly warrant interrupting his sleep!

As if he were a child, his security promised he could go back to sleep once he was safe in the bunker. And that's exactly what he intended to do. Whatever the problem is, the Chief of Police could handle it. 

When the Mayor finally woke his cell phone was not working and no one was responding on the radio. Impatient as always, he opened the bunker door to find that city hall was in ruin. As he took a step out of the bunker he tripped over something. Is that a dead body? Wait ... it's the Chief of Police. Or at least it had been before he'd had his guts ripped out and a bullet put through his skull. For the first time Peter Sanchez understood the responsibility now on his shoulders. If anyone is going to restore peace and security to this city it would be him.


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