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Fred the Farmer

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This thread should also serve as a way to contact NPCs. I won't be doing any private negotiations with anyone.


A man of few words, Fred Tibbets was happy tending his crops. This morning was like any other. He woke up early and fed his livestock. As he was beginning to check his corn for ripeness he heard his wife scream. She was gathering eggs from the chicken coop, maybe she just saw a snake. She always was a bit panicky around snakes. "I'm coming Margo," he yelled. When he arrived in eyesight of his wife he saw that she was pointing toward the main road. As he diverted his attention he saw a couple motorists being dragged out of their vehicle by a small group of people (if you could call them people, they seemed more like savages). 

"Get in the house," Fred told his wife as he grabs his shotgun from his pickup truck. Turning towards the road he swore under his breath, "Come on this farm and I'll blow your heads off assholes."


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