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DNC Stance on Current Docket

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Evelyn Vanderfleet

DNC Chair, Evelyn Vanderfleet, makes statements on current docket presented on the House Floor.


     The DNC will throw our support the High Poverty School Teacher Credit Act and the Go to High school, Go to College Act as both Yay votes.  Both of these bills will be beneficial to our nation and I encourage fellow Democrats to support these bills.

     The Common Core Bill is an example of Republicans not wanting to improve something and just wanting to scrap it.  Common Core has many benefits to students by helping them to become more college ready, more creative, and to dive deeper into materials.  This bill is not perfect; however, the Republicans will refuse to amend or improve the bill.  Instead, they simply want to repeal it.  The Democratic caucus insists that fellow Democrats and Republicans willing to work on building on our education system vote NAY on the Ending Common Core Bill.

     The STOP School Violence Act is a weak substitute for what we should be doing.  It is a gateway into putting guns into schools and into the hands of teachers.  Something that the NRA is highly supportive of considering more guns will be purchased and carried.  This makes sense as to why Republicans want this legislation because it goes along what their biggest donors want.  It does not address the easy access to guns or aid in curbing gun violence.  It just provides provisions for our school teachers and students to take measures that allegedly will reduce the number of victims during a school shooting.  This bill will not reduce the number of school shootings one bit.

     Representative *Jerrold Nadler of New York is quoted saying this about the bill, "It should be unacceptable to all of us that we must take steps to train staff and students to protect themselves against these types of incidents, instead of spending more money on actually educating our young people.  This bill does not include any provisions to strengthen our gun laws or to help keep guns out of the hands of those who should not possess them. Evidence and experience tell us that we must establish universal background checks instead of the flawed system we now have."  We believe that the Republicans in this chamber will pass this bill on their own even though it lacks substantial changes needed to protect our students from gun violence.  Since the bill doesn't contain too much error aside from only slightly addressing the problem, we will not insist on a nay vote; however, due to the bill's lack of truly addressing the problem, we cannot support a Yay vote either.  The DNC calls for Democrats to abstain their vote and only cast their vote when there is a serious gun control measure on the floor.

     Lastly, the Make Education Local act does include more flexibility to schools locally; however, it is geared towards making life more difficult for public schools.  In doing so, the bill appears to favor private schools over public schools by undermining the public schools' legitimacy and effectiveness. The bill is an attempt to make public schools follow private school rules and guidelines.  In an effort to improve education, they are basically making it stricter for those who run public schools.  I see this bill as a gateway to later defunding public schools who do not comply with their definition of "accountability" and will use those funds elsewhere while depriving students who attend public schools a proper education.  We urge a NAY vote on this piece of legislation. 

OOC: * https://govtrackinsider.com/stop-school-violence-act-is-one-of-republicans-biggest-legislative-proposals-to-prevent-mass-5e719d90d2a7

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