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Evelyn Vanderfleet Speaking on Alex Truboenski

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Evelyn Vanderfleet

DNC Chair, Evelyn Vanderfleet, makes a statement regarding Senator Candidate Alex Truboenski  @Batman.


An overlooked member on the national scale, but a community patriot in Montana, Senate candidate, Alex Truboenski, is the right guy for the job.  His experience as a Montana Supreme Court Justice for various years attributes to his knowledge and understanding of the Constitution.  In an era where Republican leadership seems to be missing the idea that this nation is where all people are prescribed inalienable rights and equal treatment, a leader like Alex is necessary.  We should assist in our efforts and remind this nation that every state deserves a leader who cares about them and not blindly follow special interests.  Although many might think Montana is a Republican state, I believe that with a leader like Alex Truboenski, party lines will be irrelevant.  The best person for the job is Alex Truboenski, and I look forward to seeing him be elected Senator of Montana in November.

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