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Evelyn Vanderfleet Speaking on Booker Marshall

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Evelyn Vanderfleet

DNC Chair, Evelyn Vanderfleet, makes a statement regarding Senator Candidate Booker Marshall @Jsawrie



Rev. Booker Marshall has dedicated his life to God and serving others.  He does not just talk the talk.  He is a man who walks the walk.  For 30 years, he has served his congregation by spreading the word of God.  His sermons have extensive study and share the love of God in our lives.

Rev. Booker, and soon to be Senator Booker, has been a strong advocate for justice and peace in inner city Memphis. His non-profit, City of Hope, works to alleviate poverty and provide resources to the under-privledged people of Memphis.  These acts of service are a testament to his character.  He has been led by love and service to other people.  I cannot think of anyone better to serve in a government position than a man like Booker.  Tennessee will be in great shape with Booker representing them on the national stage.

I wish Booker Marshall and his wife, Ashley, the best of luck in their campaign.  I give Booker my prayers, and I believe in November, the people of Tennessee will give Booker their votes. 



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Marshall's background as a pastor and advocate for social justice and the poor increase his popularity among evangelicals, SJWs, and progressives

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