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Evelyn Vanderfleet Speaking on Alexis Parraz

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Evelyn Vanderfleet

DNC Chair, Evelyn Vanderfleet, makes a statement regarding Senator Candidate Alexis Parraz @Bluto


Alexis Parraz reminds me of a spark plug.  A strong woman willing to share her mind and hold corruption, inefficiency, and incompetence accountable.  She will always persist.  She has volunteered to help and protest the living conditions people of Flint, Michigan. She also opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline and went to Standing Rock and ran daily vlogs on Youtube and live streamed what was going on so that people who couldn't make it out could donate whatever they could to help with the situation.  She is an activist and a problem solver.  You will never see Alexis on the sidelines.  She is always going to be in the game at its most crucial moments.  This passion is something that speaks to the millions of Americans who believe in the ideals she speaks of.

Although she has been vocal in her disagreement with much of the old DNC, the new DNC looks forward to expanding the Democratic Party to harness her energy and incorporate her ideals to create a better life for Americans.  The Democratic party welcomes her to the team and will fight alongside her in the senate to further progressive values. 


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