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Evelyn Vanderfleet Speaking on Beau Bennett

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Evelyn Vanderfleet

DNC Chair, Evelyn Vanderfleet, makes a statement regarding Senator Candidate Beau Bennett @ILDem


Governor Beau Bennett is as West Virginian as you can get.  The first time I ever met him, he has this West Virginia University memorabilia all over his office.  When he shook my hand and greeted me, it was like shaking the hand of West Virginia.  You can see that his heart and soul is West Virginia.  When I observed one of his events as Governor, I saw the way he interacted with his supporters.  Every single one of them admired him, and he looked as though nothing else was on his mind but what was being asked of him in that moment.   Every voter wants a leader who cares about them.  Too often, we see senators and representatives act one way to their voters and another way in Washington.  I can guarantee that what you see with Beau is what you get.  A West Virginian at heart. 

We may disagree on some issues; however, his principles and character are more important than any issue.  We need people like Beau to share the view of the West Virginian people.  I do not know anyone who could do a better job at speaking on behalf of West Virginia than Beau Bennett. 

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