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Evelyn Vanderfleet Speaking on Isabella Valentina

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Evelyn Vanderfleet

DNC Chair, Evelyn Vanderfleet, makes a statement regarding Senator Candidate Isabella Valentina


Oh Isabella!  I have enjoyed so many years working alongside her in the private sector and the various events we shared.  I remember the time I was the Key Note speaker at a women in business conference in Miami Florida.  She came up to me shortly after I made my speech as she was one of the event organizers.  Isabella talked to me non-stop about her ideas to help women realize equal footing in America.  Both of us have shattered glass ceilings and now Isabella is preparing to shatter another.  Nevada deserves to have a representative as passionate as Isabella.  Someone who will fight for them and pursue values that are essential for our American identity.  This is a smart woman who has ran businesses from the ground up.  She has remarkable leadership qualities that make her an ideal public servant.

Isabella has been an advocate for Civil Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Immigration, jobs, education, and various other issues.  Her love of her family and desire to create a better America for this generation and the next generation shows the purity of her intentions.  Her values will be put on display, and I believe that the Nevadian voters will cling to those values.

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