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New Player 2

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Objective: Post a will

Reward: +5 Leadership, Martial, Intelligence, Charisma, Stewardship; +1 Surrogate


In order to carry over your warchest from one character to another upon their death, you need to post a will for each character. Post a reply in the Wills and Testaments thread in the IC Activities forum specifying who is to inherit the character's cash if they were to pass away. 

Don't know who should be your heir? By completing this quest you'll get a Surrogate point and be able to create your first multi. I suggest making your heir either a journalist/business character.

After you have done this, reply to this thread with a link to your will. 



Common Question: Who should inherit the character's cash?

Answer: By completing this quest you'll get a surrogate point to create a multi with. Plan ahead when posting your will. Most players will use their first multi to be the son (or brother) of the main character.


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