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Business 1

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Objective: Create new company/corporation

Reward: +5 Leadership, Martial, Intelligence, Charisma, Stewardship to business character; +1 Surrogate to main character


Your first step is to create a new business here. You will need to give your company a name, specify which state it is headquartered in, and purchase at least one asset. A business requires a CEO multi to run it. If you don't have one don't worry, you'll get a surrogate point for completing this task so just create a new character right after.

After you have done this, reply in this thread with a link to your post.



Common Question: How do I know how much each asset costs?

Answer: It changes each year depending on IC activity & news. Scroll down to the last post in this thread to see the latest prices:   



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38 minutes ago, Russ said:

Mr. O'Rourke transfers $4000 to create a company with Mr. Baumer as CEO.

Mr. Baumer establishes a company called Freedom Works and invests $6000 into AAM to purchase two units and $2000 into TS to purchase two units. 

Total cost = $8000

Total units purchased: 2 AAM and 2 TS


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