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Final Vote on Condemnation of Alt Right

Final Vote on Condemnation of Alt-Right  

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To publicly decry the AltRight as white sumpracist

This bill may be cited as the Joint Resolution to Condemn the AltRight.

Section 1: Terms & Definitions

Section 2: Findings

Whereas the Alternative Right or Alt-Right have demonstrated publicly that they desire a Caucasian only ethnic state


Wheras their fundamental tenants of racism, bigotry, white supremacy, and misogyny are well documented in their blogs, podcasts, and on social media


 Whereas their views are totally inconsistent with American values 


whereas our country has already endured the violence that White Nationalism and White Supremacy breeds during our Civil Rights Era

Whereas we recognize that they do not represent the majority of Americans

Section 3: Law Change

We, the Congress of the United States,

  do hereby condemn their actions firmly

Section 4: Effective Date

The bill shall go into effect upon its constitutional passage.

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