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Letter to the President

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President Washington,

Undoubtedly news of the matter related to the border between New York and the Vermont Republic has reached you sooner than it reached me. I implore you to recognize the danger to our new republic that the actions of the New York legislature poses to our new constitutional order.  Our constitution is quite clear that states can not engage in war without the approval of Congress, and there is no appetite in Congress for a war of annexation with a republic of freemen who were seeking to willingly join our constitutional order.  The belligerency of the New York legislature is disappointing and if they are permitted to engage in a war of annexation, without the consent of Congress, I fear that our new republic will not last.  Use your stature as the general of our recent revolution to persuade New York against this folly.  If that should fail, then let us consider some means of removing New York from the body of our national republic.


James Masterson, North Carolina Representative

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