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Capitol Hill VIP Program

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Are you enjoying Capitol Hill? This game will always remain free to play, but there are undeniable expenses that come with running a game like this. In an effort to offset these expenses, bring in new players through advertising, and reward the game's admin team, we're now launching the VIP program! By donating any amount, you'll be rewarded with a month of great perks to get the most out of the game. It's important to note that these perks are specifically designed to improve the OOC aspects of the game and provide more IC opportunities, but they don't give your character a formulaic advantage against other players. Capitol Hill will never become a "pay to win" game.

  Member VIP
Ad-Free No Yes
Pre-Registration* No Yes
Signature Images No Yes
PM Limit 75 150
Unlimited PM Recipients No Yes
1 on 1 Radio Interview Opportunity No Yes
* For new games & rounds


Player Expiring VIP Since
@TexAgRepublican 11/15/18 3/4/18

Get Your VIP Upgrade Today!

(If you prefer to use another method other than PayPal, please contact me directly.)

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