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Dallas Morning News (Plains Regional News)

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*Theme music plays*

Announcer: And now live from Dallas, Texas it's Good Morning Dallas and now here's your host Brayden Wimblebush 

WimblebushHello everyone and welcome to today's edition of Good Morning Dallas I'm your host Brayden Wimblebush with me as always on the panel Bryon Kelley and Ethan Book, unfortunately, John Cultrain is unable to join us today as he is finishing up his long overdue vacation. With that said let's get down to business as the special election for the Governorship for the Plains region let's talk about the major issues facing the region and how each party is at present planning to fix them, we begin with the Democrats as covered by Bryon Kelley.

Kelley: Thank you Brayden as you know as of now the temporary capital of the Plains is set in Austin, Texas as it is the biggest state in the region. However, Democrats are hoping that with the Governorship that might change though there is no solid answer yet as to where they want it to move, about 38% want it moved to Denver, Colorado, another 33% are wanting Boulder though we'd have to build a capitol building there thus we'd have the capital in Austin a bit longer, 20% Want Albuquerque, New Mexico, and 9% want it in El Paso, Texas due to it's proximity to the US-Mexican border.  Many are believing that moving the Capitol closer to a more liberal state it will be the beginning of changing the views of the plains especially since if the capital were moved to Colorado or New Mexico the inherent laws of the region would be laws passed by those states prior to regionalization. The 2nd issue facing voters is redistricting which will occur during the 2020 election, many are hoping that there will a Democratic Governor to help redraw the lines instead of leaving it up to the states to do it themselves which could lead to the Plains basically becoming a one-party region. The other issue comes from the Senate most plains states (excluding Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico) Had 2 Republican senators in their state however with the rules being should a senator vacant his seat the Governor will appoint a replacement for the remainder of that term, there is a fantastic chance should Democrats gain the Governorship he/she may get to appoint a Democrat in the Senate should a senator resign for any reason. The last main issue facing the region is Immigration. More so then any other region the Plains deals with thousands of immigrants crossing the US border both legally and illegally Democrats are hoping with the Governorship to become the first sanctuary region as well as giving those who crossed the border "illegally" legal status and benefits. 

Wimblebush Thank you, Bryon generally we would have John Cultrain talk about the Republican side of things but as he is not here today Ethan Book will cover the Republican side today, go ahead, Ethan.

Book:  Thanks Brayden on the Republican side of things they are a bit divided on the issue of a temporary capital as well, with 35% wanting the capital to remain in Austin, 23% wanting it in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 21% in Dallas, Texas, and another 21% wanting it to be in Lincoln, Nebraska, though really this hasn't been a divisive issue amongst Republicans so long as the Capitol doesn't move to Colorado or New Mexico. As far as redistricting is concerned the vast majority of Republican voters are wanting for each state to handle the process themselves with limited to no interference from the state legislature, which more than likely will as Bryon just said make the Plains effectively a one-party region. There are those who are also wanting to change the map a bit by adding Idaho and Utah while moving Colorado and New Mexico to the West region, something which won't happen unless both governors of the regions could play nice with each other, which is not likely.  As far as senators are concerned Republicans do fear their turnout may dwindle considerably if a Democrat is elected governor but they aren't overly concerned at this point in time. On the hot-button issue of immigration, Republicans are split down the middle between the Trumpsters wanting the border wall deportation all 11 million illegals, DREAMERS and those with natural born citizenship (but whose parents crossed illegally ), and those who would like increased security (including the wall) but don't want DREAMERs and those who are natural born citizens deported (nor do they want their parents deported even if illegal).

Wimblebush: Thank you both for giving us that insight. Now tell us what both sides are wanting out of a gubernatorial candidate we'll start with Byron.

Kelley Well Brayden as you know it will be very hard to get a governor elected here unless they can really fire up the base while still converting independents. Which isn't impossible to do or even that hard, but the candidate will need to be able to know when to support Trump and when to criticize him, as well as keeping far-reaching NorthEast policies out of the picture as much as possible. As far as what specifically the Democrats are looking for is someone much like Obama, a fair tempered moderate who can fire up voters and show why and how he's different from the boring old white bread the Republicans will be putting up. He will also need to be able to extend his influence over just his election but over into the regional legislature as well, as Republicans out of the 62 seats they hold currently could see up to 12 being competitive and it is projected of those 8 could turn which would be huge for Democrats.

WimblebushAnd now Ethan for the Republican side.

Book:  Well Brayden the goal for Republicans is simple, Don't put up Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz. Unless the Democrats nominate someone who Bryon just described which I doubt as the Berniecrats are alive and running the Democratic party making ever candidate run further and further to the left until they make the Northeast candidates look like the fringe right candidates. That was my best impression of John Cultrain there and I think I nailed it *chuckles*. But in all seriousness much like the Democrats the Republicans are wanting someone who could help them protect and even add onto their sizable majority as 8 of the 38 Democratic seats are vulnerable though only 3 are expected to turn, that could change pending on who the Plains selects as their next governor.

Wimblebush: Thank you both and let me just say Ethan your John impression was spot on. and now I'm seeing our time is up so from Dallas Texas on behalf of Bryon Kelley and Ethan Book I'm Brayden Wimbush good day.

*Outro music plays*

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