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Williams Presidential Campaign: "There will be no wall"; Unveils Immigration Agenda

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Olivia Williams


Policy | Immigration

The Problem: Our immigration system is dysfunctional, leading to a growing number of undocumented immigrants and an unsecured border.

Solution: Comprehensive immigration reform to fix the system and support immigrants with $15 billion in border security spending.

As people flee oppression and violence or poverty from their homeland, they are looking towards America's beacon of light that has shined for so long. During the last four years of coordinated attacks on immigrants as a way to address the challenges of our immigration system, however, that light seems much dimmer at the moment. Olivia Williams believes that it is time to take back the light!

Promoting Efficiency and Restoring Due Process

As president, Olivia Williams will propose changes to our immigration system and move away from the 'zero-tolerance' immigration policy of the Trump administration. The first step is to begin restoring due process for migrants crossing the border. Williams will propose more immigration judges to process the backlog of immigration caseloads and restore the rights of migrants to seek due process. The lack of due process has lead to families being separated at the border as parents are forced to go to jail and children be thrown in shelters. That will end under a Williams administration. Additionally, Williams will end the one-size-fits-all case completion quota policy that was established by the Trump administration's Justice Department in order to end the promotion of recklessness by judges rushing to complete cases or risk losing their jobs

End the Travel Ban

The origins of the Trump administration's travel ban on migrants from five Muslim-majority nations stems from a bigoted scapegoating of Muslims for terrorist acts. That is why Olivia Williams will end it. "There will be no bigotry in America's immigration policy if I am President," says Williams. "The travel ban is a disgrace on social grounds and an embarrassment on the world stage. I will end it on Day One."

Protecting Migrant Children

When the migrant children were separated from their parents because of the Trump administration's 'zero-tolerance' immigration policy, Olivia Williams recognizes that it will have a lasting impact on the children's mental health due to the cost of toxic stress resulting in trauma. Olivia Williams will ensure that every migrant adolescent receives the mental health care that child needs while directing the needed resources to ensure all children will be returned to their parents in all possible circumstances.

Securing Our Border, Without A Wall

Olivia Williams believes strongly in protecting our Southern border. Williams also believes we should build bridges to other communities, not walls. "I don't like barriers; I break down barriers. If I am so honored as to be your president, I will make sure that there is no Great Wall on the Southern Border. Let it be known that I will not accept it," says Williams

Instead, Williams will work will Republicans in Congress to establish a comprehensive security title in the reform bill and is open to dedicating up to $15 billion over a number of years in securing our Southern border through technological and physical means.

Promote  Simplicity, Fairness, and Economic Growth

Olivia Williams is committed to reforming the immigration system to make it easier to operate and simpler to navigate for employers, foreign-born workers, and their families, and that increases the economic benefits of employment-based immigration for the U.S. economy. Willims will propose market-based auctions to allocate employment-based permits to employers and visas to immigrants that will contribute to the economy. 

Phase One: Create a pilot program that uses an auction-based system to allocate temporary employment visas. Use the revenue to secure the border, develop workers' skills, and migrant social services

Phase Two:  Expand the auction to permanent labor-sponsored visas. 

Phase Three: Provide a reassessment of the balance between employment-based and family-based visas, as well as a broad simplification of complicated rules in the current system such as country quotas. 


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Progressives like this proposal, except for $15 billion in spending on it. That’s a lot, but the rest of it really plays to the base.

Moderates love this plan. Securing the border and making it more fair seems like a good middle ground to them.

Conservatives don’t like it, but their is a certain brand of them that doesn’t hate it.

Overall it’s a little detail heavy for our headline media environment, but’s it still makes headlines. Your previous admitting you’d be open to or dodging the wall question probably won’t be remembered.

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