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Travere: Why you should vote for me

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Erick Travere

A lot of people have been asking, why should I vote for Travere, well here I am to tell you,

1, I am a successful businessman. I will run this country like a business and I will actually make it successful. 

2, I am able to compromise. I will be ready and willing to compromise with the other side so we can have laws that truly help our citizens.

3, I am pro farmer, I have fought against trumps tarrifs and I have worked to pass laws that help like establishing regional food banks. 

4, I’m pro union. I have fought to protect the rights of workers in my region because unions make this countries workforce great. 

5, I’m pro worker. If you elect me I will pass paid family leave. It’s time we stop punishing families for having children and being sick!

6, Medicare for all. Our citizens should not go bankrupt just to get a surgery! We put a civilized nation, but our health insurance is far from civilized. It’s a shame on our nation and it’s about time we do something about it.

So that’s why you should elect me. I’m experienced, and I will fight for all Americans because right now our president is not fighting for anyone but himself.

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This reads more like it's for your Presidential campaign, not the Governorship, so let's consider it in that manner...

It seems like a list of bullet points that belong on a leaflet, rather than a press release. It's not really persuasive nor alienating. All of the points sounds fine to various groups to some extent or another, yet they could all use development, such as how you'll run the country like a business, fight for rights, fight tariffs, etc.


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