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Osiris Storm

Congressman Osiris Storm holds a Press Conference in Pennsylvania

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As I have announced my run for Governor, I will be  holding a series of press Conferences to further connect with the Residents of the Northeast. I will now take questions from the Press or constituents.

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41 minutes ago, Doomhammer said:

Mr. Storm,

What are your key issues you will be running on?

Thank you for your question. It is greatly appreciated. I will be running on the key issues of education, criminal justice reform, Job creation and healthcare. Governor Lewinsky has dropped the ball in all of these areas. He failed to deliver education reform in our region due to his insistence to not pursue a bipartisan reform with our regional legislature. He instead pursued an agenda that would have removed funding from our already struggling public school system to give to private schools who do not educate more 10% of our student population. Such legislation is not only reckless but a step in the wrong direction. Instead I will be pursuing an education agenda that will increase funding to our public school by modernizing our school infrastructure to incorporate technology that brings he world to the finger tips of our children, increase teach pay, create initiatives that will encourage women/minority inclusion into the STEM, and create a more efficient pipeline from Pre-k to 12th into college or trade school . I will also pursue a Universal Pre-K in the Northeast to help get our children college ready earlier.

Unlike Governor Lewinsky I deeply believe in the entrepreneurship of our local businessmen/ Women. The Apple deal was a slap in the face and it came with the consequence of reckless spending, untested promises. Instead I will create jobs by not only creating a Regional infrastructure bank that will help create jobs but also improve our local bridges and streets. I will also seek a tax cut on our small business to help them afford more benefits for their employees and to also create more jobs. With over 100,000 small businesses in our region, such reforms would of created 3x as many jobs and for much less than what Governor Lewinsky pursued with his Apple deal.

As a Congressman I pursued an progressive and bipartisan measure to reform our criminal justice system. With my Mandatory Minimum Reform Act and my Fres Start Educational Attainment Act, I have pursued an agenda that believes in restorative justice and not a War on Drug system which has imprisoned many of our poor/low-income residents right here in the Northeast.The leadership I have instilled with both of these pieces of  legislation is exactly the type of leadership we need as a governor, and it is also the type of bipartisanship leadership you will get from me as governor in the area of criminal justice.

I will also be pushing healthcare reform that with an legislative agenda call MediChoice. With MediChoice i will grant our small businesses tax credits based on average salary and not on employees employed, to ensure that they can financially support the changes under the ACA but also help get their employees healthcare, which also comes with further tax credits to help subsidize the needs of our small businesses. MediChoice will also increase competition in hospitals, which will save jobs and also ensure that you are provided with the best hospital care and services possible. 

The biggest reform of MediChoice will be the buy-in options for MediCaid. I believe that to bring the American dream into reality we must rely on the fundamental essence of our democracy. Choice. With the buy-in options for Medicaid,coupled with the expansion of eligible Americans, I will ensure that every American in the Northeast has the ability to not only  personalize their health care coverage to their needs, but will also be given a choice to affordable marketplace coverage options and increase competition in our marketplaces and will ultimately lead to lower premiums under the ACA.

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