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John Allen for US Senate Town Hall | Medford, Oregon

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Congressman John Allen Town Hall Event
Medford, Oregon -- Congressman and US Senate hopeful John Allen (R-CA) held a town hall event in Medford, Oregon. Congressman Allen enjoyed a comfortable lead in the polls leading up to his primary election win over Regional Leader James Murphy-Kennedy. Now, Allen faces businessman Brian Much (D) in the general election. The transcript of Congressman Allen's opening remarks of the town hall are below.


Hello everyone, thank you very much for coming out. It was an exciting primary campaign, and I am extremely humbled and grateful to have won the republican primary and be on the November general election ballot. It truly is a great honor.

This campaign is more than just about who wins in November though, it's about who can bring meaningful and real leadership to the Senate to help institute policies that will make our region a better place. I believe I am the right person for the job. I have over sixteen years experience in the private sector as the founder and CEO of Allen investments. I have the working class background in my roots and rural northern California values in my blood that allows me to better relate to everyday voters than Brian Much, because quite frankly I am one of you. And we need our next US Senator to ensure that he will stand up for our independent values, our policy needs, and represent our way of life. It doesn't matter what party you belong to in order to be able to do that, because at the end of the day we are all Americans. And we need a Senator who is going to stand up for all of us - and I will be that Senator.

Now, I'll take some questions from everybody. Thank you very much.

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12 hours ago, SWMissourian said:


How do you plan to help the economy?

Thank you very much for the question.

I’m sure your question is on the minds of many in this election as well. Overall, I think the fundamentals of our economy our strong. There are some good indicators of that. For example, consumer spending has been considerably higher the past three years. Some might use unemployment as a factor but it doesn’t take into account those not looking for work. But consumer spending, even with some of the shaky news from time to time, has not wavered and Americans are more confident today in the economy then at any point since the Great Recession.

But there are ways in which we can approve on our economy. Health care reform, for example. The health care market being in shambles has a huge impact on our economy as a whole and the power of Americans to be able to use those dollars elsewhere. Furthermore, the negative impact the affordable care act has had on number of businesses due to the massive regulatory burden. If we can fix the health care system with policy that works for everybody, then that will have an impact on our economy.

Another way we can, and the first and foremost way we can help our economy is by getting our massive deficits and debt under control. That is the single biggest threat to our economy, and our livelihood. We can wait no longer in tackling entitlements and our massive spending problems propagated by both sides of the aisle. It’s not a popular thing to say but it’s the right thing. It’ll take courageous leadership in the senate and I’ll be that Senator. I won’t shy away from the issue of financial responsibility and entitlement reform, I will embrace it. Because that is the single biggest thing hindering our economy and that must be addressed first and foremost.

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