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Election Updates

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Regional Ads

The first concept we will be including for the next election is called "regional ads."  What this means is you can choose to purchase a tier 1, 2, or 3 level ad.  Instead of targeting 1 state, you can blast the entire region.  The way this works is that each ad is 50% less effective in each state but is 50% the cost of that tier.  This way, you can reach more states with less time and money.  Instead of being 15 minutes for a regional ad, a regional ad will cost 1 Hour.  When you look at the payoff, you are reaching basically more than double the states in less time.

Summary of regional ad costs that will be found soon in the Ad & Polling Costs under the Elections Forums






Below is an example of how a Regional Ad should look in your election schedule. 



Character: Claire Underwood

1 Hour Positive Southeast Region Tier 2 Regional Ad targeting Progressives.  $53,000,000

Total Money Spent: $53,000,000


Thus, Clair Underwood would be getting 50% of a tier 2 ad result in every Southeast state.

This will likely be a tactic for POTUS general and primary elections and house elections.


Please let me know your questions or concerns and stay ready for more announcements regarding updated election features.

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Home state advantage

Home state advantage will be playing a larger part in the Presidential Primaries and Presidential election. 

There will be a slight home state advantage for regional elections. 

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State Wealth Fundraising

The state wealth fundraising feature will place more value in where you place  your fundraiser.  A fundraiser in Montana will likely be significantly weaker than a fundraiser in Florida.  For each fundraiser done in a state, the effectiveness of the next fundraiser in the same state will weaken.  This way, if a candidate just fundraises in California, over time, California will not yield as high of results as previously before.  If the state is your character's home state, the attribution effect will be less but still in place.  The attribution effect will reset after every election (2 year elections).

Below is a graph of the state tiers. 


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Political Influence Points


We will be adding another form of currency to the game.  The currency is called PI or Political Influence Points (could also be PIP).  This involves your characters influence with endorsers like newspapers and speakers.  Each character will start with the same number of PI points as their Experience Attribute.  The more experience your player has, the more influence they can wield.  

Acquisition of PI points

1. Each time your character upgrades his/her experience through attribute upgrades or quests, you will game that many PI points.

2. Just like attribute upgrades, you may spend 15 minutes of campaigning time and $1,000,000 per 1 PI point up to a maximum of 8 points.

3. Transfer of PI points from one character to another.  One character can choose to give influence to another just like a person can "put in a good word" for someone else.

4. We might create quests to earn PI points.  Stay alert for those to earn more points.

We will organize PI Points under the election thread where players can keep track of how many points they have accumulated and spent.


There will be another thread with stump speakers.  Below is an example of how to use stump speakers in your campaigning:

If my candidate is Josiah Bartlett and Bartlett has 50 PI points.  He could choose to acquire one of the various speakers to help him get a stronger boost at one of his rallies.  Notice how each speaker has a PI cost, a conservative rating, a moderate rating, and a progressive rating.  These arrows shows the extent to which these 3 demographics will grow or reduce for you.  If Bartlett decides to use President Barack Obama at one of his rallies, his rally will experience a tier 3 level boost with progressives, a tier 2 level boost with moderates, and a tier 3 negative hit with conservatives in that state.  Instead of using a rally that just targets 1 demographic and only gives a slight advantage, having a speaker like Obama will give your rally and your campaign a much greater impact. 


In order to acquire a speaker, you must post in a new thread under elections (Speakers and Endorsements) which speaker or endorsement you want to acquire.  You may only acquire speakers or endorsements that are aligned with your party.  No matter how much influence you wield, Bill Clinton will not speak for Paul Vang's reelection just as Donald Trump will not speak for Calvin Ward.  Once the acquisition is made, you will then attach the speaker to a rally in your election schedule.  It would look like this:



Josiah Bartlett Turn 1

1 Hour Rally in North Carolina targeting Progressives with Michelle Obama


For POTUS general elections, you may only use a speaker once per election cycle.  Once they are used, they cannot speak for you again.  Trust me, there will be plenty to choose from and not enough PI to acquire all of them. 

For POTUS primaries, it will be a first come first serve.  If you get the first, they will speak for you and only you.  No other candidate may get them to speak for them unless they win the nomination and use them in the general election.

For regional elections, each regional election (senator and governors count as separate elections) may acquire a speaker once.  This means Joe Biden can give a speech in Southeast, Midwest, Plains, West Coast, and Northeast once for each of those races.

For regional primaries, the same applies with the POTUS primaries but on the region level.  First come first serve.


Other information

Some speakers are limited to a region and can only be used within that restriction.  Other speakers can be used anywhere.

For endorsements like newspapers, you will acquire them the same way and just include the endorsement in your election schedule so it can be recognized.

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Head Quarters for Midession Schedules

HQs are allowed to be acquired in a midsession schedule for both a campaigning HQ and a PI HQ. The HQ for the campaigning can be done but the benefits will only start to take effect when the first campaigning schedule (primary-general election) takes place. So the party could lay the framework earlier.  After the election (every two years), the HQs go away and the process starts all over.

An HQ requires 2 hours for one tier in a state of your choosing.  The cost for an HQ is based on a per state basis found here:


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