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Iran vows military expansion

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President Hassan Rouhani and other Iranian leaders Monday used celebrations of the 1979 revolution to lash out against the US and reaffirm Tehran’s pledge to continue developing ballistic-missile systems. Despite going from a deal to no deal with the passing of the Presidency from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, the US has sought to constrain Iran’s ballistic-missile programs and counter its assertive posture in the region.

In the past year, Iranian authorities faced some of the worst unrest in a decade largely due to the country’s failing economic situation. Iranian leaders have blamed the US for the country’s economic problems, and linked sanctions to an alleged Washington plot to overthrow the leadership. It is said that this call, which was very public in itself, have been hailed as a type of "rallying point" for those Iranians who are dissatisfied with the situation, but essentially are willing to forego any action against the regime in the hopes of tackling the US.

It is still unclear on how President Vang is going to approach the issue of Iran. He is yet to take a definitive stance on many of the foreign policy questions which usually follow US administrations, no matter which party they're a part of. Usually the approach to doing so is different as previously pointed out with the change from Obama to Trump.

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