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Calvin Ward

Ward Speaks to Dock Workers in NYC

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Good evening! know it’s still cold out and you guys want to get home to your families, so I’ll keep it quick. I wanted to come down here and talk with you about some recent developments going on in Washington. 

When I ran I told you all that I was going to fight for the working people. I told you I was going for every body scraping to get by. For those teachers working three jobs just to scrap by. As soon as i got there, the Republicans came out strong against you. They wanted to gut this union and every other union in this country. They looked at the work your fathers and grandfathers did on these docks, and wanted to take everything they fought for and kill it. But we won’t let them. The Democratic Party is going ti fight tooth and nail fit your right to organize and bargain for good wages and safe conditions. We’ve fought it off for now, but hear me when I say, I’ll fight against Right to Work until I can’t speak, stand, or carry on. 

But we must keep going. Even now there are Republicans who downplay the need for liveable wages. They say that paying such a wage will hurt workers not help them. Let me tell you what hurts workers. Putting fifty, sixty, or seventy hours at two different jobs for straight time just to make ends meet. What hurts workers is the mindset that they’re just herds to be milked and to graze, to create new workers and then turned out to pasture. What hurts workers is the stress of a days labor to only be paid a meager wage below the poverty line.

They look at social programs and talk about what needs to be cut. They say that we can’t afford it. So I’ll make a deal with the Republican leadership. I’ll gladly vote to cut these when they vote to make sure average Americans all can make ends meet. I’ll find the scissors when they find the basic human decency. 

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