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Creating Future Educators Act

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Representative Grant for himself and others introduced, 


To encourage more students to become teachers, and to help teachers better educate their students. 


This bill shall be referred to as the "Creating Future Educators Act"


1) Upon the constitutional passage of this bill all full time teachers or professors who are currently teaching at any elementary school,  middle school,  secondary school,  or college for 3 years or more shall have their student loan debts forgiven

2) All substitute teachers or professors currently teaching at a elementary school,  middle school, secondary school or college for 5 years or more shall have their student loan debts forgiven. 

3a) All students who are planning to get a teaching degree shall have their student loans forgiven after teaching for 3 years or for substitute teaching for 5 years at an elementary school,  middle school,  or secondary school. 

3b) All students planning to get a master's or doctorate and plan to teach at the college level shall have their student loans forgiven after teaching at a college for 3 years. 

4) This does not apply to those who homeschool. 


1) All teachers must attend mandatory teacher training to be held by all public,  private, and charter schools including colleges once every other year, the subject of the trainings shall be, 

          a) Recognizing and Teaching students with disabilities

          b) Understanding and recognizing mental illness

          c) New Teaching techniques 

          d) How to efficiently and effectively talk to parents

          e) IT usage and trading with IT training

          f) How to Deal with difficult children test 

         g) in order to have successfully completed the training the teacher must score at least a 90% on this test at the end of each training. 

2) The trainings maybe spread out over the course of no more then 2 weeks. 

3) at the end of the training period all schools and colleges must complete and send a list of teachers who have completed the training to the Department of Education. 

4) Schools or Colleges who refuse to comply will lose all federal and state funding as well as there tax exempt status. 

5) Any teachers or professors who fail to comply will lose there teaching licenses and benefits given under Section II of this act, unless the school and Department of Education have given them permission to not attend the scheduled training and are rescheduling them for another training time. 

6) Parents who homeschool are exempt so long as they have a valid teaching license, a master's degree or a doctorate,  2 personal and 3 professional references and can pass a 100 question text encompassing all the training subjects with at least a 95%.

7) The Department of Education shall be given $100,000 to create the training curriculum and tests.


1) All public secondary schools shall be given $50,000 to create a teacher mentorship program for students looking to go into teaching. 

2) The mentorship program shall involve the following parts

      a) testimonials from present and past teachers

      b) an opportunity to shadow teachers

     c) schools may add more parts to this program and it shall be accredited so long as it includes parts a and b of this section. 

      c) this program shall count as 4 college credit hours towards a teaching degree


1) Teachers and substitute teachers and professors in their first year of teaching at a elementary school, middle school, secondary school or college  are exempt from income tax for their first year. 

2) this does not apply to those who homeschool unless they meet the requirements in Section III subsection 6.


This bill shall come into effect upon its constitutional passage. 

PES: forgives student loan debts of teachers,  trains teachers, and creates a program to help get students interested in teaching earn college credit towards that degree

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