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To Everyone I Have hurt

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Not everyone is still active on this board which makes it hard to individual talk to each person and apologize. I certainly will if you want to talk. 

In short.....I have spent a good portion of my adult life so far being bitter, angry and confused. I (especially on this site and other govsims) has meant that I have been an insufferable troll and have been prone to outbursts and drama. I have lashed out at a lot of people on this site and others on multiple occasions....most recently as last November.

It was for that reason and others that I left. I spent time IRL re-evaluating my life and my priorities. I will not reveal too much about myself IRL, other than to say I have sought help for my anger, found outlets for general self-betterment as well as quit drinking (1 month sober and going strong). I know that this will never undo the reputation and damage I have done...I don't blame anyone for being skeptical. I am taking it easy and playing a lighthearted character for fun. 

I am willing to talk to anyone who wants a more personal conversation and/or apology. 




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