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    Adjusting birth year to 1981 because I was a noob failure
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    Again Huff, it’s not a business decision. Kids aren’t consumers. They’re students. I know it’s the Almighty Dollar on that side of the aisle (and for Sen. Vazquez) Somethings matter more over here. Like making sure teachers are paid and students don’t have to pay high tuition costs. Which again, you can’t promise private Iinstitutions won’t raise tuition. Because they will. Because it’s good for business.
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    Website Analysis: A Half Hour with Quavis Davis Sitting with the new Congressman-Elect one would be hard pressed to see how such a seemingly affable gentleman could possibly be considered one of Speaker Macmillan's biggest headaches going forward but it is clear that he intends to be. From his position on immigration to his position on abortion Mr Davis stands diametrically opposed to many of the speculated up and coming bills from the leadership of Team Red, the fact that he may be joining Senator Paul as an 'unwhippable' individual could present the first real test of mettle Speaker Macmillan and his team has had to deal with. Over the past session the Republicans were never defeated, they always had the coalition of votes either in the GOP or encompassing the Blue Dog Democrats to squeak them over the line if the pink Republicans decided to go their own way. Aside from that nugget of information it is really rather difficult to decipher where Davis will fit in to the GOP mould. In 2020 it is clear to all that he will support the most moderate Republican, or maybe a moderate third party candidate, so his election definitely helps the likes of Senator-Elect Conway should he choose to run for office. But until then we can do nought but wait for him to make his first moves in Congress, maybe he will be far more compliant with President Fitzgerald's agenda than he said he would be, or maybe he could cause a few lost votes for the GOP and drag social policy back to the Centre just a little bit. Quavis Davis could well hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives this term.
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    @CongressMac: Ward really needs to stop lying to the public when it comes to my foreign policy platform, I have said repeatedly that I am an interventionist when it comes to America's place in the World and standing up for our national interest, there is no inconsistency @CongressMac: My pitch to voters on foreign policy is very simple, the World is in the best place when America leads, that means engaging constructively with the World on all matters and not simply shying away as some have proposed in the Democratic Party
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    Representative Rapperbee, the official GOP Twitter account earlier today claimed that the Republicans ran a "very clean campaign" in the midterms. However, the decision by President Fitzgerald to campaign for then-Representative Vazquez in the Texas Senate election despite her corruption scandal seems to contradict this. Can you explain this?
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    @RepLouieHong The GOP lost any right to claim a moral high ground when they pulled put all the stops to get a grafter into the Senate
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    We are proud to say that in the Midterms we ran a very clean campaign, the Democrats not so much and the voters responded positively. We are glad all 3 candidates ( and hopefully any potentials) have agreed to the same clean campaign idea. Maybe the DNC should do the same if they actually want to win a race at some point
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    Name: Dylan Macmillan Party: Republican State: Virginia Link:
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    @CongressMac: All the Democratic Party attention is incredibly flattering, clearly they think I am the front runner and clearly they are running scared and with good reason. If I win or lose the primary I will be at the front of the wave leading the charge to obliterate the Democrats even more in 2020 @CongressMac: The GOP runners and riders are committed to honest, clean, and positive campaigning, already the DNC are twisting facts and blurring the lines. They know they can't win unless they play dirty so that's just what they'll do
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    @KrustytheKongressman: Hey! Hey! The Dem race for Prez reminds of a classic movie ... Dumb and dumber! Hey! Hey!
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    Mr. Ward, with the recent entry of Rep. Hong into the race, how do you plan to differentiate yourself from your opponent?
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    It's a shame that they killed it too. After the amendments, it was a supportable bill. The effectiveness of it was barely changed. It's like Huffines @Enzo basically took his toys and went home because he was mad he didn't get exactly what he wanted.
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    OOC: darn auto correct haha IC: Yes the Mussell scourge spreading their Communist propaganda*laughs* pardon me Mr. Speaker, I misspoke. Missiles. It’s was the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Cuban Mussell Crisis happened in 56 when some Americans at a resort hotel all got sick, terrible day. I thank the gentleman from Virginia and yield
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    *Hands off of the gavel* Mr Speaker, I fail to see the threat provided by mussels, indeed I find them incredibly tasty for a dinner. Would the member for Arkansas like to amend his statement to be more factually accurate, if yes I invite him to do so now. I yield. *Hands on the gavel*
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    @RepDeJesus ”An interesting read from the SML for those that didn’t read it I can sum it up for you. “SML naive regarding Cuba!” The SML believes that one humanitarian act can change decades of dehumanizing acts while expects those that were oppressed to “get over it.”
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    @RepLouieHong Before the Vazquez scandal was discovered, Republicans made a grand total of zero campaign stops and for her. Afterwards? Two rallies by Conway and eight by President Fitzgerald. Seems like the Republican Party rewards corruption
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    Mr. Speaker I must object. Though this bill is intended for the purpose of making kids safer, it also adds the potential for kids to be thrown in jail for something the school would've otherwise handled. Just think, if there was a fight at the school, with this bill the participants would be thrown in jail when traditionally they would be suspended, expelled or face other disciplinary actions from the school, not law enforcement. Therefore I move to amend Section 2 by striking the phrase, and replacing it with I yield
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    Mr. Speaker, I second Mr. Ward's motion I yield
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    Bruno Eduardo Rodríguez Parrilla Wins Cuban Election Havana- On the heels of a successful deal struck with the Fitzgerald Administration, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla was elected by his party to become the next leader of Cuba. In a race fraught with drama, intensity, and outside influence Parrilla was able to defeat his two opponents in what one analyst called, "a victory for pragmatism, and a defeat for unbridled reform". Parrilla was instrumental in moving Cuba towards the deal with America and it was that deal that helped solidify much of the undecided vote that leaned toward opening up Cuban society. However, in his first speech Parrilla let it be known that Cuba's openness does have limits, and that nobody should confuse his recent deal with a rejection of communist party solidarity. For now, he will reap the political benefits of the deal and the popularity gained by moving America from Guantanamo. In the long run, however, one wonders whether hardliners will continue to support a man who has opened up the small nation to the outside influences it had been secluded from for so long.
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    @RepLouieHong 1/2 Less than two years after its passage, the Fitzgerald Administration is already rushing into damage control on #ALTRA. 2/2 This was a poorly planned bill that added over a trillion dollars in deficit and was essentially a kickback to their wealthy corporate donors, so I'm not surprised that the cracks are beginning to show.
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    Added for ya boy.
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    But hey Huff. Since you love the Swedes, I expect a single payer healthcare bill soon or do you just like them when they agree.... #doublestandard