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    The Hon. Paul Irving, Sergeant at Arms: Please come with me sirs. (OOC: @Bluto, @Jonathan, and @Russ, you have been suspended from the House for the next 24 hours. Please do not do anything in the House, whether it be voting, using the hopper, or debating. I will ask that all other representatives disregard their posts and report any posts by those three in the next 24 hours. Anyone with mods who sees a post from one of you in the House forum should hide or delete the post.)
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    Mr. Speaker, It looks at though Mr. Conway's amendment didn't pass in rather grand fashion. Shall we move onto his next proposed amendment so we can do the same once again? I yield
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    Mr. Speaker, I'm not sure if the representative from Florida is aware of this, but suggesting that God should punish America if Congress doesn't follow his preferred policies, or in this case vote for a particular number on an immigration bill, is not an effective means of persuading people that he is correct or has the country's best interests at heart. I also don't believe Sodom or Gomorrah are renowned for God smiting them due to their rejection of refugees, so it doesn't seem quite relevant. Regardless, we are not proposing rejecting all refugees, indeed I would be opposed to such a move. We are simply bringing the number back down to the levels we had in the mid-2000s, and bringing the overall number of refugees down is in accordance with the wishes of the American people. I don't believe those wishes mean God needs to punish anyone, nor to apologize to anyone. Overheated, divisive rhetoric such as that does not help anyone, nor does it help this body make better decisions. I yield.
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    Character Name: Nicholas Eden (Press Multi) Home State: The United Kingdom (gasp) Previous Job: Media (Actor, Musician, Artist, Journalist, etc) Date of Birth: 08/31/1971 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Protestant Christian Wealth: Upper Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 2 Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the National Telegraph, a balanced political discussion channel and website focusing on news, speculation and the occasional debate. If the #MeToo ladies feel the need to march around a it more or there's another school shooting, National Telegraph will be there. If we're heading into an election year and we need to analyse the potential makeup of the Senate and the House, or we need to speculate wildly about POTUS elections way too early, National Telegraph will be there. If there's a big hot topic issue coming up like oh, I don't know, the entire Presidential Agenda, then we can have debates at guess where, the National Telegraph. The National Telegraph is owned and operated by the Jones family from somewhere on your side of the pond, let's say Pennsylvania. The lead anchor is a Brit because, let's face it, we have the best accents in the World when it comes to the serious stuff. Nicholas Eden is a journalist from good old Blighty, born and bred in London he moved to America to fulfil his dream of becoming a serious political pundit and anchoring discussions and speculation to do with the most powerful job in the World. As he is British Nicholas has little problem with being impartial when he can be bothered to be (he grew up watching the BBC for crying out loud), but when he is irritated, cross, miffed or just a bit cheesed off he has a definite right wing bend on economic policy and a more liberal bend on social and immigration policy making for interesting interviews with both party members. He is joined by a cavalcade of pundits, commentators and general dogs bodies to keep the show light, and the content varied (basically whatever I decide to write at the time). Some of the leading National Telegraph pundits can be found below: Head Anchor Nicholas Eden The Senate Team (focus on the goings on in the Senate and in Senator's political lives outside of the Senate) Alwyn Thomas (liberal son of Welsh immigrants, currently resides in Maine but is as liberal as a Bernie bro at times) Clara Smith (Texan conservative with a penchant for anti-immigration feeling) April J. Lacy (Balance from Florida) The House Team (focus on the goings on in the House and in Congressmen's political lives outside of the House) James Gomez (Minnesota's own blue dog Democrat commentator for the House) Rebecca Flair (California conservative, liberal on immigration policy) Tim Smith (Balance from Wisconsin) Eyes in the sky and boots on the ground (general commentators who can be brought in for discussions of anything anywhere) Sean Perez Henry Davis Minah Mills Adeline Wyse Rachel Valenzuala View full character