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    Signed, /s/ Kyle Fitzgerald President of the United States
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    ShaneBenzleyAZ: Voted in favor of Kate's Law. Statement forthcoming. #KatesLaw ShaneBenzleyAZ: Working with my staff to carefully study the Federal budget before Congress. Partisan arguments won't persuade me; I need to ensure Americans are getting a good deal. #Budget #FederalBudget
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    Phillip Huffines From the Office of Representative Phillip Huffines in Plano, Texas So I'd like to address concerns raised especially from Republicans with my introduction of the Comprehensive Educational Reform Act. Specifically those around the inclusion of ending federal marijuana prohibition in a bill about education. I understand the surprise it my have brought out "why is he throwing that into a bill on education? That's unrelated. Is he trying to be covert?" but let me explain my rational behind its inclusion. At the moment, support for the legalization of marijuana is at an all-time high. A 2017 Gallup poll showed that 64% of Americans support legalization with for the first time a slight majority of 51% of Republicans included in that total. That number of Republicans just the year prior was at 42%. What I would like with my legislation is to make the argument to the remaining 49% of Republicans against legalization that with legalization we can bring about so much good by doing so where as prohibition is not doing so. As it currently stands with prohibition on marijuana those who profit from its sale are predominately criminal enterprises. Tens of billions of dollars go back to the coffers of drug cartels that use that money to violently oppress others. As a Texan we have seen just what utter destruction drug cartels have wrecked on our neighbor Mexico and it definitely hasn't been good. What if that weren't the case though? What if instead of the money spent on marijuana going to cartels it went to the schools in this country? Billions of newly available dollars allocated to helping high school kids gain college credit at no cost to them, gain vocational training for high paying jobs the can work directly after graduation, and put armed guards in the schools to keep them safe. That would definitely be an improvement over the status quo of prohibition. The Comprehensive Educational Reform Act does all that and so much more. The legalization of marijuana component with its 21% tax on the sale of marijuana ensures that all the provisions of the bill are funded in a fiscally responsible manner that doesn't add to the deficit at no cost to those that choose not to smoke marijuana themselves. Undercutting criminal enterprise all at the same time. To fears that with legalization we will see a massive uptick in drug usage I refer individuals to a working paper by researchers from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Harvard University, and Western Carolina University. Based on an ongoing study that began in 1975 they've found that marijuana legalization laws have had a minimal impact on use of the drug, other substances, alcohol consumption, or crime rates. So while things will be hardly different than they are now just as I mentioned before it's schools that will benefit and not criminal enterprises. Now let's talk more generally the economic potential of marijuana legalization you might be unaware of. New Frontier Data projects that by the year 2020 the legal marijuana industry will create 300,000 jobs and that is with only 7 states currently with legal recreational use. That is job growth stronger than manufacturing. Imagine now if you will all of the United States had legal recreation use. The job growth from the legal marijuana industry would likely be hundreds of thousands more than that 300,000 prediction. With fears of automation looming on the minds of many Americans legalization of marijuana can be a new potential avenue of security in employment for many families all across the country. If we were to legalize the marijuana industry at this point it time we could very likely become a global leader in it's production and bring great wealth to this country. As the industry grows so too does the tax base for the tax created by the Comprehensive Educational Reform Act which will increase funding for the Department of Education. If you're still skeptical after all that I've stated let me tell you this, President Fitzgerald is not a supporter of marijuana legalization and even considers himself a hawk on the issue but when presented with the bill it was enough to get him behind doing so. He has taken the time to understand all the benefits that the bill has to offer and wants this bill to be on his desk for him to sign. I haven't even gone into yet all the other benefits the bill has to offer be it giving teachers an average raise of $4,317, ending common core, ending federal testing of students, giving school choice to the underprivileged, helping convicts get their lives back on track with college education, training new vocational teachers, and so much more. So with all this said I urge those of you that are skeptical to the Comprehensive Educational Reform Act to consider what I have said, read personally what the bill has to offer, and consider telling your local representative to support this bill because I think it can be a major benefit to all in this country. View full PR
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    OFFICIAL PRESS OFFICE OF U.S. REP. SHANE BENZLEY - Scottsdale, Ariz. / Washington, D.C. OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSONS: Enrica Flores / Kristin Graves WASHINGTON, D.C.- U.S. Rep. Shane Benzley, R-Ariz., has voted in favor of the Stop Illegal Re-Entry Act, also known as Kate's Law, which lays out penalties for illegal immigrants who re-enter the United States after being deported. Rep. Benzley is releasing the following statement to explain his decision: CONTACT: Kristin Graves in Washington, D.C.; (202) 555-9879
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    I'd argue the bill decreases the federal role in education substantially and gives more responsibility to state and local governments. From the bill: "No officer or employee of the Federal Government shall, through grants, contracts, or other cooperative agreements, mandate, direct, or control a State, local educational agency, or school’s specific instructional content, academic standards and assessments, curricula, or program of instruction"
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    Watch me on CNN Town Hall with @jaketapper discussing ISIS and Russia.
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    Signed, /s/ Kyle Fitzgerald President of the United States
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    Just moving it over so we can pass it in both the house and senate at the same time
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    Yes, I am open to adapting the law. Specifically, I want to fix the investigation duration of the process. I do know what a rubber room is. And rubber rooms do not help anyone. The school district, the tax payers, nor the teachers themselves. First of all, teachers who are sent to the 'rubber room' are under investigation for misconduct regardless of the extent of the infraction. They do collect a paycheck as they deserve the right to be innocent until proven guilty. The person who started the rubber room thought that it would be best that teachers do not stay home while the investigation takes place but should be somewhere isolated from the students until the matter is resolved. The issue in this case is the extensive process of the investigation which takes months or even years. There have been various examples where teachers do go back to teaching after an extended period of time in the rubber room while others result in termination or early retirement. I would definitely be for finding ways to shorten these investigations to get good teachers who are sent to the rubber room with minor infractions back into the classrooms with perhaps some better training and officially exterminate the contracts of teachers who committed misconduct or incompetence.
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    John Alexander Representative Alexander announced that he will be endorsing and support Calvin Ward for president of these United States and urges the people of Colorado and of the United States as a whole to vote for him. View full PR
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    @RepLouieHong You know, maybe putting marijuana in an education bill isn't the best optics.