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    This. This is why I play this game
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    PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change -1 0 .5 1 1 0 0 0 I was curious how Ward had 80 among moderate Republicans (I classify them mentally as "Romney Republicans," for the record) but this PR kind of goes a way to explain that. Ward spells out a moderate position on trade. He also lays out generically inoffensive lines against the Fitzgerald White House that pleases the Democratic base while appealing to some moderates. It of course repels the core of the Trumpist Republicans - the NAT people. Some of this was hard to read - my advice is to break up and talk about each topic separately or do it line by line. When you mix the language altogether, your audience (hi) gets confused about your message, your themes, etc. I don't grade on writing but your content is really hard to follow at times. It probably hurt your score because again, if you just cram everything into one paragraph, and they're all different subjects, it's hard to grade you properly.
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    @CongressMac: Today we have seen just how incoherent and obstructionist the Democrats are, the GOP proposed to extend CHIP funding indefinitely yet 134 Democrats voted against. @CongressMac: A majority of Democrats in the House do not want to extend healthcare for children in our society, it is clear that the party of families is the #GOP