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    Split tweet @BriannaO'Dwyer As of right now, I don’t support either of the Immigration Proposals Democrats or Republicans put forward. They both have weak areas and strong areas. Neither are perfect or the devil’s spawn. This is exactly why we have hearings and debate to flesh out the proposals and to simply listen when comes to complex issues. Congress lets get our act together.
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    I’m a proud proponent of the common sense idea that you probably shouldn’t comment on bills you haven’t read. But what do I know?
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    You are who you hang around with
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    Why does our VP align himself with a "news" organization like Breitbart when they mock respectable GOP representatives like Flakes and McCain?
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    Forget the Opioid bills we applauded the GOP for. When most of them say “bipartisan” they don’t mean give and take. They mean “do as I say”
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    Rep. Ethan Burch - @EthanBurch  So, both parties want out of Afghanistan (still a few skeptics) but let’s go for it @VP unless the VP and @POTUS are on different pages on the issue.
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    You find this in the mail and what do you know? It is your size.