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    Kurt Faulhammer From the Office of Speaker Kurt Faulhammer The Border Security and Immigration Reform act is $25 billion to the Department of Homeland Security spread over four years. Foreign remittance tax fees alone in thr bill can pay for the bill. In 2016 over $138 billion left the United States in foreign remittances. At the ten percent proposed rate after four years the tax will raise nearly $56 billion dollars well over the appropriated budget which has already been accounted for in the bill. This is money that will come predominantly from foreign nationals in the country and will not affect most Americans whatsoever. There are no issues with the bill financially. View full PR
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    Mr. Speaker, This bill does exactly what I said it needed to do to win my support. I will vote for it because cutting rates in a financially responsible way is good for businesses and workers. I yield.
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    Mr. Speaker, I applaud the efforts of the President on this treaty, however this needs to go to the Senate for advice and consent under Article II of the Constitution.
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    I urge Speaker Faulhammer to include the Bipartisan Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Accessibility Act proposed by Rep. O'Dwyer on the first docket. It is just the right thing to do
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    First day of business and the new speaker must not be able to find his gavel or his docket
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    @EvelynVanderfleet I recall winning my election. I suppose Breitbart feels my constituents don't matter. @EvelynVanderfleet We see the Republican values clear. When they get the majority, they attempt bully minority. This minority's voice will not be silenced.
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    So I have another idea. When you’re negotiating with another character about something such as what should be included in a bill. Maybe use the congressional offices and say something like *the muffled voices of X and Y are heard behind a closed door* or put up a visitor log. Just add some more to the sim. Make it an RP element that a dem and a gop are talking in an office. Just a though. What are your opinions on the idea?