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    John McNair has been seen in Columbia speaking with various members of the South Carolina legislature. He has been expressing his dismay at the lack of action in the national capital related to debts incurred during the revolutionary war and that the national government could not, and should not, be relied upon to address the debt issue. He also expressed alarm that cotton tariffs and potential retaliatory tariffs could negatively impact state finances as well. He also has been urging for the funding of ironworking furnaces owned by the state utilizing local iron ore and permanently dedicated to the domestic manufacturing of cannons, mortars, and howitzers. He also praised the recent founding of the Carolina Statesman and urged its reading and promotion. Succinctly, he proposed: Business Taxes shall be raised to 20% for purposes of addressing state debt incurred in the revolutionary war and fund the cannon-making facilities. Newspaper Taxes shall be reduced to 5% to aid the fledgling newspaper industry within the state.
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    John McNair would like to purchase 1/3 the ownership stake from Benjamin Franklin for $5000, and the new editor Jeffrey Franklin would like to also purchase 1/3.
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